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Entertainment Movie Reviews 31 May 2019 Amar movie review: A ...

Amar movie review: A fine example for how not to launch a star kid!

Published May 31, 2019, 7:26 pm IST
Updated May 31, 2019, 7:26 pm IST
The only attraction comes with the visuals of Switzerland, shot using an easily available drone camera.
A still from the film.
 A still from the film.

Director: Nagashekar

Cast: Abhishek Ambareesh, Tanya Hope, Sadhu Kokila, Chikkanna, Sudharani, Devaraj, and others.


After his previous debacle, director Nagashekar returns with one of the best examples for how not to launch a star kid! Amar, which carried huge expectations for obvious reasons as the launch pad for the son of star actors - rebel star Ambareesh and Sumalatha Ambareesh, turns out to be an utter disappointment with an only relief that the debutant leaves an impression in the end. With some improvements to be made, Abhishek is undoubtedly a future star actor to watch out for.

It is the ordinary story, hopeless narration and everything else but for Abhishek who reminds of his star father Ambareesh's onscreen charisma, which kills the fun of watching this most anticipated movie of the year. Also, taking into account the hapless comedy, Amar is a 'reel disaster'.

Furthermore, the boring love story rests upon the two lead actors, who as per the tale, are the victims of destiny. Well, the kind of destiny is that of centuries old one, and done to death on Indian celluloid. The only attraction comes with the visuals of Switzerland, shot using an easily available drone camera.

Instead of basing it on the most important factors of filmmaking, the director who has penned the tale, screenplay and more, has put all his efforts in making Abhishek look and sound just like his father Ambareesh. However, not only it fails miserably but also proves that no one can 'copy' rebel star.

A couple of popular phrases of Ambareesh, which went viral amongst his fans especially the one saying, 'no way, chance ye illa', is repeated so many times in the movie that instead of 'Amar, a better and more meaningful title for the movie would have been 'No way…' with subtext as 'chance ye illa'.

Insofar as the story goes Amar, played by Abhishek, is a college student and a selfless person with good soul. This again is drawn close to the real life character of Ambareesh, who was referred to as 'kaliyuga karna', associated with the symbol of loyal friendship. Amar falls in love with Bobby, a carefree rich girl. After the initial emotional drama dries up, the love story comes to a sudden end before it shifts to Switzerland. By now, Bobby has become a nun! Will Amar wins her heart back, is what the regretful tale is all about.

Apart from Abhishek, there is little hope of entertainment in Amar. A disheartening start for young rebel star but it is just the beginning and many more to come his way.