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Raja Cheyyi Vesthe movie review: Squeal! This is reel life on reel

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Published on: April 29, 2016 | Updated on: April 29, 2016

Bhaskar Samala's cinematography is good, while the music by Sai Karthik is average.

Nara Rohit and Isha Talwar

Nara Rohit and Isha Talwar

Cast: Nara Rohit, Taraka Ratna, Isha Talwar, Sivaji Raja, Sashank and Ravi Varma.

Director: Pradeep Chilukuri

Nara Rohit’s Raja Cheyyi Vesthe which released on Friday has Pradeep Chilukuri making his debut as director while Sai Korrapati of Eega fame is the producer. Nandamuri Taraka Ratna plays the villain.

Local goon Manick (Taraka Ratna) kills people for money. The police can’t arrest him as he has political backing. Rajaram (Nara Rohit) is an aspiring director and narrates stories to different people. He falls in love with Chaitra (Isha Talwar) who is working in a corporate. Meanwhile, a young police officer (Sashank) is trying take revenge on Manick for killing his father.

Rajaram gets a producer who wants an action-oriented subject for a film. He narrates a story to the producer and in return he gets a letter stating that he should kill Manick as he has described in his story. The person threatens to kill his girlfriend if Rajaram doesn’t do the job.

Debutant director Pradeep Chilukuri has chosen an interesting revenge drama. But when it comes to execution he hasn’t been able to pull it off. There are only a few interesting scenes as the director mainly focuses on the romance between the lead pair.

The movie starts on an interesting note where Taraka Ratna kills a market yard chairman, but it soon starts to meander. Also, the love track is too long and drags a bit. The screenplay is slow.

The director shows the cops to be so helpless that they take help from a struggling assistant director, which is not convincing.

Taraka Ratna, however, steals the show. His character, though well-designed in the beginning, has not been maintained throughout. But he has done full justice to his role and is definitely a plus for Telugu cinema when it comes to negative roles.

This is Nara Rohit’s third film this season and his best performance so far. He still looks a bit chubby but has tried to be different from his earlier films. Isha Talwar is beautiful and she has got a meaty role.

Sashank, Sivaji Raja and Ravi Varma appear in short roles that they have performed perfectly. Their roles could have been extended though. Bhaskar Samala’s cinematography is good, while the music by Sai Karthik is average.

In conclusion, Raja Cheyyi Vesthe has a few interesting moments here and there, but the director lost the grip on the screenplay.

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