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Movie Review | Spy: Wow! Our RAW agent averts Indo-China war

Deccan Chronicle.| BVS Prakash

Published on: June 29, 2023 | Updated on: June 29, 2023
Spy movie poster. (Representational Image)

Spy movie poster. (Representational Image)

Ratings: 2 stars

After tasting box office success with 'Karthikeya 2’ young actor Nikhil seems to be fascinated with scripts that boast of pan-India appeal. Playing a RAW agent, his mission is to avert a nuclear attack on India. But he ends up averting a war between India and China as a ‘terrorist aims a missile from India at China’ and the Chinese military and President prepare to retaliate, which is quite ridiculous.

While our Indian PM (played by Sachin Kandekar) looks worried and tense before our hero dismantles the nuclear missile and it looks unrealistic.

Director Garry needs to understand that two countries don’t just jump into a war just because of an identified missile and they hold parleys at various levels. Writer-producer Rajasekhar Reddy is surely inspired by Hollywood movies and many scenes vouch for it.   

However, kudos to makers for paying rich tributes to legendary Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and for reminding this new generation about a fearless and valiant patriot. Of course, there are a few goosebump moments when Rana (who appears in a cameo) explains the valor of ‘Azad Hind Fauj’ and how they were deprived of their rights and pride in the history books. However, a terrorist using Kohima, where Netaji has constructed a secret missile center, for launching his missile now to trigger a war between India and China is nothing but foolish and unbelievable.

It is a tale of Nikhil Siddharth who works as a RAW agent and his missions in Sri Lanka and other places. He also wants to avenge the death of his brother (Aryan Rajesh) who died during a mission. Even though his parents are also against him going on a mission, they allow Nikhil since he is passionate about his job. While RAW boss (Makarand Deshpande) keeps saying to Nikhil that the safety of India is in his hands and also reminds his mission to restore missing files of Netaji .

Nikhil falls in love with Ishwarya Menon at a pub and they live together before she reveals that she is an NIA agent and used him as an asset. Nikhil is dejected and his friend Abhinav Gomatam keeps teasing him. Again he meets her during a mission but still they are at loggerheads.

When Nikhil kills a suspect and mole in a RAW wing, Deshpande dismisses him. However, with the support of Ishwarya and Abhinav, he manages to capture the dreaded Abdul Kadhar (Nitin Mehta) but they are shocked to know the truth. Now, they have to chase down a rogue Pakistani nuclear scientist (Jissu Sengupta).  

Surely, Nikhil has beefed up for the role and excels in action, while Ishwarya just fits the bill. Abhinav tries to evoke a few laughs but most of them fall flat. Various locations in Nepal, Jordan, and Sri Lanka are well-captured but the songs could have been much better. Sachin, Deshpande, and Jissu just walk through their ill-defined roles. At the end, characters hint about a sequel, hope it doesn’t happen to test our patience again.

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