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Manithan movie review: Steers away from double meaning dialogues in name of comedy

Published Apr 29, 2016, 5:45 pm IST
Updated Apr 29, 2016, 5:45 pm IST
Hansika once again proves that given a meaty role, she will simply floor you.
 Hansika once again proves that given a meaty role, she will simply floor you.

Director: Ahmed

Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika, Prakash Raj, Radha Ravi, Aishwarya

The producer turned hero Udhayanidhi Stalin who was hitherto seen in lighthearted rom-coms has come out of his comfort zone and attempted at a serious film with Manithan which is an adaptation of Bollywood hit Jolly LLB. Director Ahmed has tweaked it interestingly extending the romance portion and adding a new character to suit the nativity.

Shakthi (Udhayanidhi), is an unsuccessful lawyer from Pollachi who becomes a laughing stock among his relatives, except his ‘morai ponnu’ Priya (Hansika), a school teacher who believes that he would win one day. Unable to bear insults any more, Shakthi moves to Chennai chasing his dreams of making it big taking the help of his uncle (Vivekh) who is also a failed lawyer in the High Court.  With his naïve approach, nothing seemed to work and a stage comes when decides to go back to Pollachi, fate has something else in store for him. He gets entangled with a high profile hit-and-run case where he locks horns with a much-powerful and influential lawyer Adhiseshan (Prakash Raj). How he emerges out triumphantly forms the rest of story narrated in an attention-grabbing manner.  

Udhay has improved leaps and bounds and delivers a neat performance. He has in fact made sure to let the story and other crucial characters to take the center-stage fitting himself into the narration. Also, despite the film’s producer, he has not indulged in cinematic liberties like romantic song routines etc. Hansika once again proves that given a meaty role, she will simply floor you. With subtle makeup and right expressions she scores. A role like this is a cakewalk for Prakash Raj. Though a bit loud, with his impeccable dialogue delivery and body language he perfectly fits the character of a suave and eminent lawyer. Radha Ravi as the tired judge pulls it off with consumable ease.  Vivekh as usual tries his antics in vain. Asihwarya Rajesh is adequate as the investigative journalist. Ahmed definitely deserves a pat for giving a clean film with a message and steer clearing away from clichéd kuthu numbers and double meaning dialogues in the name of comedy. Madhie’s camera elevates the proceedings. Santhosh Narayanan tunes looks repetitive but BGM warrants mention. Ajayan Bala’s dialogues are sharp. An honest attempt and a feel good film that is worth a watch!  



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