Apoorva movie review: A poor knot!

V Ravichandran, who has never been criticised for selection of actress, has probably failed for the first time.

Director: V Ravichandran
Cast: V Ravichandran, Apoorva, Sudeep, Ravishankar, Vijay Raghavendra

Prior to this most awaited release, the crazy star of Sandalwood Ravichandran himself had said that it was a challenge to him to design Apoorva, and whereas it will be an experience to the audience. However, unfortunately in no time the experience of watching it turns into a great challenge for the audience to stay on with Apoorva, right till the end! No doubt that he is amongst the rare breed of directors, who does films from his heart and his every directorial venture carries huge expectations. Love has always been his only mantra, and this time he literally phrases love in two perspectives while playing with the emotions of a 61-year-old selfless man, who falls for a 19-year-old girl.

After his brilliance to showcase love in the utmost fashion on the silver screen, Ravichandran's trademark has always been to capture the true beauty of woman, and then turning it into a magical experience with great music through effective narration. In search for his lost sheen, the desperate crazy star has worked very hard to recreate another Prema Loka. One can only wish that he finds it immediately with his next directorial.

Back to Apoorva, it all starts with the typical one man show, trying to connect with the audience in his own manner. As usual, after yet another innovative show of title cards, a literal never saga of philosophy on love and life starts unfolding. A short and simple love story of a 61 year old man and a 19 year old girl is the crux, to which he knots it with a terrorist angle. However, it is not so simple as it sounds, or even to watch it. It literally requires a brain with high end eyes and a fair bit of English knowledge. His huge fan base, who only knows the language of love and who cannot follow English, are sure for a huge disappointment.

Reason: On one side of the screen the phrases on love and life in English with discomforting fonts rarely stops flowing, and at the bottom is the sub-title in English. If that is not enough, the protagonists is half the time busy expressing his philosophy and the other portion is dedicated to the heroine shown with her hair flying, and close up shots of her eye. Well, the man who was at least never criticised for selection of actress, has probably failed for the first time. The actress Apoorva is not what we all have been seeing in Ravichandran's film and the other disheartening fact is that the debutant can hardly act.

It is a crazy with too many thoughts while executing a simple story of two stuck in an elevator while terrorists have taken over the mall outside. It becomes tiresome watch, and the frequent spilling paint bottles and and flying paper sheets can give a sensitive brain a migraine attack. The terror angle is made to feel through the voices of Sudeep, Ravishankar and Praksah Rai. It is similar to 'Nishkarsha' but only with audio effects!

The songs, and the background score mostly supported by Gautam Srivastava is terrible to ears at times, which again makes one remember 'Hamsalekha,' or if not Hamsalekha, the crazy star definitely needs to hand over the job of composition to a well trained musicians who could connect to his 'heart' of film making, and not just who simply knows and plays musical instruments. Now that Apoorva is released and that audience will seal its fate, the burden of expectation gets heavier on his next venture - Manjina Hani. Well, watch Apoorva to judge on whether it is a punishment or imprisonment!

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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