Kanaka movie review: For the auto' fans of Annavru

A lot rides on Kanaka, as its a must watch for the auto' fans of annavru and Duniya Vijay.

Director: R Chandru

Cast: Vijay, Hariprriya, Manvitha Harish, Rangayana Raghu, Ravi Shankar, Kuri Prathap, Sadhu Kokila

Inspiring yet another tale, the Kannada thespian late Dr. Rajkumar returns to the silver screen. And, this time it is about an auto-rickshaw driver, a die-hard fan of namma annavru. Following on his principles and onscreen footsteps, the first half of 'Kanaka’ is a blend of an auto tale packed with the stamp of Duniya Vijay’s trademark sequences on it.

While the first half is largely about the protagonist and his novel character helping the needy and dropping them to their destinations on time, there is a whole lot of other action too. It's about his love for Kannada. Also, a pretty looking medical student portrayed by Manvitha, as Kanasu, falls in love with Kanaka, for his heroisms. Soon, troubles starts brewing and the baddies, dozens of them, from all directions set the perfect stage for Duniya Vijay as Kanaka, who is at his usual best giving them his hard hitting acrobatic punches.

Well, Chandru has packed a bit too much with so much happening on the screen before the first half comes to an end. A tailor made venture, mainly focuses upon the mass audience running on an auto-gear system just managing to reach the destination called entertainment.

The inspiration reel role of Annavru continues, as the later half of the tale shifts to Kanaka’s village from which he had run away as a child with some stolen cash. This is the high end emotional part after auto-rickshaw rides comes to an end. A complete family twist to the saga has new set of villains headed by character of Ravishankar in the village.

Riding on the signature characters of every individual actors in the film, the director attempts to steal the show but but too many of it reely spoils the fun. Music, which is one his strong notes in Chandru’s films is another missing factor but Duniya fans won't be disappointed with the ‘yenne’ song.

Insofar as casting is concerned, Manvitha sounds unusual with her voice being dubbed by someone else, and the pretty Hariprriya makes a short and sweet appearance. The front wheel of this is undoubtedly namma Annavru supporting the ‘two’ separate tale divided in equal parts. Finally, a lot rides on Kanaka, as its a must watch for the ‘auto’ fans of annavru and Duniya Vijay.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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