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Manal Kayiru 2 movie review: Akin to a stage play, but works for most parts

Deccan Chronicle| Anupama Subramanian

Published on: December 24, 2016 | Updated on: December 24, 2016

The trio Jagan, Swaminathan and Chaams bring the roof down with their funny one-liners.

A still from the film.

A still from the film.

Director: Visu, S. Ve Shekar, Ashwin Shekar, Poorna, Jayashree

Cast: Madhan Kumar

‘Manal Kayiru 2’ is a sequel to the super hit film with the same name made 34 years ago with three of its important characters played by S.Ve Shekar, Visu and Kuriakose Ranga reprising their roles here as well. Director Madhan Kumar replaces Visu who directed the original.

The film begins with the select scenes from part 1, where the lead protagonist Kittumani, played by S.Ve. Shekar lays eight conditions for his marriage and the matchmaker Naradhar Naidu (Visu) fools the former and gets him marry Uma (Shanthi Krishna) who fails to fulfill any of his conditions.

Cut to sequel, now Nisha (Poorna) , the grownup daughter of Kittu and Uma (Jayashree)  puts forth eight condition for her wedding. Once again, Naradhar Naidu (Visu) enters the scene and finds a groom Arjun (Ashwin Shekar) who does not qualify even one of eight conditions of Nisha.  Soon, Arjun’s true color is revealed and problems start cropping up between the couple. How they reconcile and come together forms the rest of this family drama.

S.Ve. Shekar is in full form and with his perfect comic timing he delivers big time. Poorna looks good and with subtle expressions, she scores. Ashwin Shekar does his comedy part well – like he is shown as a model in low-key ads and all those five episodes are funny and enjoyable. Visu as usual in his trademark style proves his versatility. Jayashree has given a neat portrayal.

The trio Jagan, Swaminathan and Chaams bring the roof down with their funny one-liners.  The major problem with the film is that you feel like watching a stage drama with scene after scene actors talking non-stop, not putting the visual medium to good use. Dharan’s music is adequate with Anirudh’s kutthu song pick of the lot. On the whole, it is enjoyable most part of it.

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