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Rajaratha movie review: Vehicle of boredom

Published Mar 24, 2018, 3:36 pm IST
Updated Mar 24, 2018, 3:36 pm IST
The vehicle which they have chosen to repeat their magic, never takes off during the entire journey.
A still from 'Rajaratha'.
 A still from 'Rajaratha'.

Director: Anup Bhandari

Cast: Nirup Bhandari, Arya, Avantika Shetty, Ravishankar


With a fantastic debut such as 'Rangitaranga’, both the Bhandari brothers earned some great mileage till they blew it off with their latest ride - Rajaratha, which guarantees nothing but pure boredom.

Their first outing turned out to be a refreshing success with Saikumar at his best along with technical excellence showcased by the elder brother Anup Bhandari as director and music director. However, unlike the debut venture, Bhandaris miserably fail to score on almost all accounts which they did exceptionally well in their debut venture.

The vehicle which they have chosen to repeat their magic, never takes off during the entire journey. Probably the last few minutes are the only best part of the long drive on the road filled with potholes and humps making it literally difficult to even stay on the seat till it reaches its destination.

Luckily, the director who once planned to make this as his debut movie ahead of Rangitaranga and eventually chose to do the later, is a blessing in disguise for him. If this was to be their first movie, they would have been just another actor, director and a film.

Stuck in the first gear for eternity, Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar's voice is the only thing which keeps the audience engaged. The tale is simple, our hero who loves banana, for God only knows reason, boards a bus to Chennai.

Well, the protagonist portrayed by Nirup Bhandari, tries to be funny and witty but neither of them charms but for his banana acting and a couple of dance number along with Avantika Shetty who plays his true love. But she is in love with someone else. The journey tries brings them closer. This is one of the longest route to destination with weird connection of every passengers on the bus with their humour-less acts.

The big missing part is that of songs. And, about the new version of the classic hit featuring Kamal Haasan in 'Munde banni..’ seems wasted too with no real feel to it. The only sensible plot which runs parallel to the boring journey, is that of Arya who plays the elder brother to Nirup Bhandari in the movie.

A two and a half hour journey can certainly be avoided unless one is in mood for some boredom and dull experience.