Kadugu movie review: Well etched out with strong dialogues

Published Mar 24, 2017, 8:53 pm IST
Updated Mar 24, 2017, 8:53 pm IST
The film stars Bharath, Rajakumaran, Subhiksha, Radhika Prasiddha and Bharath Seeni in the lead roles.
A still from the film.
 A still from the film.

Director: Vijay Milton

Cast: Bharath, Rajakumaran, Subhiksha, Radhika Prasiddha, Bharath Seeni


The cinematographer turned filmmaker Vijay Milton who made a critically acclaimed film Goli Soda few years back with lesser known names couldn’t get success with his follow up ‘10 Endrathukkula’ with Vikram and Samantha as the lead. Now, he has bounced back with Kadugu, and again with relatively new faces (except for actor Bharath, who was surprisingly cast as an antagonist.)

The movie begins with the introduction of folk artist Puli Paandi (Rajakumaran) a Puli Vesham dance exponent who is straightforward, principled and helps everyone around him. He is out of work and does errand jobs for the area inspector (A. Venkatesh). When the inspector gets transferred to the coastal town of Tharangambadi, Paandi also escorts him.

Paandi befriends a petty thief Anirudh (Bharath Seeni) who is already a helper at the police station. People of the town respects Nambi (Bharath) a boxer and a popular person because of his good deeds. Nambi also nurtures political aspirations. While Anirudh takes a liking for a girl Maha (Subhiksha) and all his attempts to woo her results in the latter thinking that it was Nambi who is after her. She falls for Nambi and it is vice-versa.

Meanwhile, Eby (Radhika Prasiddha), a teacher who has an appalling back-story is attracted to the kind and innocent nature of Paandi and they develop a virtual relationship via Facebook.

All hell breaks loose when a state minister (Venkat) who visits the town on an invitation from Nambi to head an event, tries to molest a young girl. With a MLA seat assured by the minister in the forthcoming elections, Nambi - despite witnessing the horrifying scenes - turns a blind eye. Eby who comes to the rescue of the girl becomes the victim now. It is time for Puli Paandi to set things right, taking against Nambi and his men and thus exhibiting his real (Puli) power. His ensuing victory forms a spellbinding climax.

A major success of the movie is Milton’s well-etched characters and strong dialogues aimed at the feeble society. Rajakumaran has worked really hard which shows while he performs the tough Puli dance and the stunts during the climax. He has pulled it off convincingly. It needs guts for a hero to accept a role with high negative shades. Having consented, Bharath has done a great job. But a change of heart towards the end with Paandi speaking few moralistic lines is unacceptable.  Producer Bharath Seeni as Anirudh is impressive. Subhiksha is just functional while Radhika Prasiddha does her part well. A. Venkatesh as usual is good.

The FB comedy looks a bit forced, considering the realistic approach of the theme. Milton’s cinematography is a visual splendor which captures the rustic coastal side of Tharangambai beautifully.  At times, the movie moves at a leisurely pace. Nevertheless, with so many pluses including a fresh plot, neat approach, apt casting, good performances, the film is worth a watch!