6 Athiyayam movie review: 3 stories stand out, 3 let down in this horror anthology

Published Feb 24, 2018, 8:33 pm IST
Updated Feb 24, 2018, 8:38 pm IST
All said and done, this new attempt in Tamil cinema is a novel one, which can be appreciated.
A still from '6 Athiyayam.'
 A still from '6 Athiyayam.'

Directors: Cable Shankar, Shankar Thiyagarajan, Ajayan Bala, Suresh, Logesh and Sridhar Venkatesan

Cast:  Thaman Kumar, SS Stanly, Suresh, Sathanya, Divya, Kishore, Madhu Shri, Sanjeev, Chelladurai, Gayathri, Vishnu, Francis, Sangeetha, Vinoth Kishan and Aravind Rajagopal


6 Athiyayam is a horror genre anthology with a difference. A new attempt in Tamil cinema, it has six different films and directed by six directors. Unlike in anthologies where different short films directed by various directors will end with each having its own climax, here there is no separate climax for the six episodes, but they converge as a single climax towards the end of the sixth story.

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These are directed by Cable Shankar, writer Ajayan Bala, producer Shankar Thyagarajan, Logesh, Lights On Media Suresh and Sridhar Vekatesan. 

The first chapter is ‘Super Hero’ directed by Cable Shankar, which has actor Thaman in the lead, a guy who predicts the future dangers of everyone. Though the doctor (S.S Stanley) initially disbelieves him, but as things unfold as foretold by Thaman, tries to help him. The writing is impressive and convincing.

Yet another short ‘Soup Boy Subramani’ is about a youngster who approaches a priest to sort out his problem in love life.  Actually, it is a ghost, which keeps disturbing. Logesh has narrated it in a highly comical way, and it was quite interesting.

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And the last story in the anthology is ‘Chithiram Kolluthadi.’ It revolves around an artist who paints a picture of a woman. He could not draw her eyes. He sets out to find the reason. It’s hardcore horror genre, which cuts across period set-ups and has all the potential to make it in to a feature. Kudos to director Sridhar Venkatesan! 

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All the other shorts and actors in them are a let down. All said and done, it is a novel attempt, which can be appreciated.