Hebbuli movie review: Kicchas's surgical strike for his generic fans

Sudeep's extraordinary work, Ravichandran's presence and richness on the screen makes it a must watch for fans.

Cast: Sudeep, V Ravichandran, Amala Paul, Ravishankar, Ravi Kishan, Chikkanna, Kaveri

Director: Krishna

There is always something biggish when a star hero, who is as popular as Kiccha Sudeep dons the role of an army man for the first time. All those hi-tech rifles, guns, the tough attitude and mostly the pride of patriotism, and not to mention the new hairdo, makes it even more spectacular for an audience who can only dream of witnessing such live raw actions right in the presence of enemies.

Now, given all of that with a great cinematic touch like excellent cinematography, background score, breathtaking action sequences involving a one-man army taking down dozens of villains and punching dialogues can only get better and better. Krishna strikes well on par with what an ardent fan can wish for, but does it cater to all? Has the surgical strike with a burgeoning issue completed the mission, remains the question to be answered.

No doubt it's a complete action-packed entertainer for Kiccha's fans and it might even 'manage' to thrill an outsider who is just a movie buff and not attached to any exclusive fandom. Sudeep's enormous popularity and honesty makes it believe as if he is living the character and making the audience want him to accomplish his mission by the end. A simple crux of Hebbuli is that it revolves around Raam (Sudeep), a para-military commando, whose ultimate aim is to seek revenge for his elder brother's murder along with a larger purpose.

In order to avoid making it look very clichéd, director puts up an impressive surgical strike operation right in the beginning. Then a bit of glamour, love and a pinch of comedy before he heads for a far more serious issue to deal with.

Raam is immediately rushed to his place after his elder brother Satyamurthy (Ravichandran), an upright IS officer dies. He is found hanging from a ceiling fan. There must be something fishy and Raam is convinced that it is not a suicide but a murder.

The hunt is on for the killers with at least four to five one-sided, serious and innovative bashing up of baddies, thanks to some tough army training. Meanwhile, the hero discovers the real cause behind the death and goes onto fight for it.

As the mission comes to an end, let us gather all the evidence from Hebbuli. Firstly, surgical strike, then suicide of an IAS officer, and generic medicines. Doesn't it sound similar to something which most of us may have read, seen and heard about it repetitively till recently. Well, it does serves for a cause, as Sudeep's extraordinary work, Ravichandran's presence and richness on the screen makes it yet again, a must for the die-hard fans.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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