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Movie Review: Manu Charitra - Stepping into Arjun Reddy's shoes not easy

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Published on: June 23, 2023 | Updated on: June 23, 2023
It is the tale of Manu (Shiva Kandukuri), who works for a rowdy sheeter Rudra (Daali Dhananjay) in Warangal.

It is the tale of Manu (Shiva Kandukuri), who works for a rowdy sheeter Rudra (Daali Dhananjay) in Warangal.

HYDERABAD: Young actor Shiva Kandukurri returns as an angry lover boy in his new film ‘Manu Charitra’ and portrays a role with grey shades, which smacks of similarities with ‘Arjun Reddy’. The protagonist losing his love and turning aggressive and indulging in drugs and liquor and being reckless about his education and career, closely resembles Devarakonda’s famed characterisation in 'Arjun Reddy'.

Director Bharath Peddagani, however, tactfully tries to add a new angle to avoid comparisons. He makes his hero fall in love multiple times and announces breakup once they agree to his proposal and also brings in the second love into the hero's life but it goes awry. On the positive side, the film makers deserve a pat for showcasing picturesque spots of Warangal and for a song dedicated to the same.

It is the tale of Manu (Shiva Kandukuri), who works for a rowdy sheeter Rudra (Daali Dhananjay) in Warangal. In between, he also proposes to pretty girls and announces breakup once they accept his love claiming that their tastes don’t match.

One day, he is shattered when one of his girlfriends claims to be suffering from brain tumour and needs money for surgery. He rushes to Rudra and borrows Rs 25 lakhs on the promise to work under him as a goon.

When two girls corner him for being a skirt-chaser, his friend (Suhas) explains why Manu turned into a different person after losing his lady love.

Manu is a topper and aspires to do masters at NIT in Calicut. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Megha Akash, a student, and gives up his dream to join a local college to be with his girlfriend. She falls for him when she gets to know that he has given up his dream for her and they seek approval for marriage with their respective parents.

They manage to convince their parents but the hero unknowingly bashes Megha Akash’s brother in a brawl to save the love life of his friend (Suhas). Her family gets her married and their family shifts to Dubai, while he meets with an accident and is hospitalised.

After failing in love, the hero turns into an alcoholic and drug addict, unable to forget his first love. But he again falls in love with a girl (Pragati Srivasthav) just for her name ‘Jannu’.

Will he give up rowdyism and choose his new love Jannu or will he reunite with Jennifer (who returns to India after reading a blog)? Check out the rest in the theatres.

Shiva Kandukurri has improved a lot compared to his previous outings, as he showcases various shades. Megha Akash does her role with ease, while Pragathi has to hone her acting skills. Dhananjay as a baddy is okay. Music by Gopi Sundar could have been better and more catchy. The director tries to blend love and action but falls flat, barring some love moments between Shiva and Megha. Despite multiple girls, the director avoids sleazy scenes, which is appreciable.

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