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Tagaru movie review: Another 'long’ tale

Published Feb 23, 2018, 7:28 pm IST
Updated Feb 23, 2018, 7:28 pm IST
Go watch it for Shivanna and Dhananjay, a deadly combination who make most of the killing in the end.
A still from Tagaru.
 A still from Tagaru.

Director: Suri

Cast: Shivarajkumar, Dhananjay, Vashista Simha, Devaraj, Manvitha Harish, Bhavana


The ‘long’ awaited movie hits the screens with blood everywhere. Literally. And, hence, it is sensibly restricted to adult audiences only. Director Suri does a routine mashup of his own trademark from pulp fiction brand. But for a change, it is in reverse mode. The movie runs for a total 128 minutes plus few seconds, wherein at least 100 minutes of it is a test for audience to connect the dots which the director leaves it wide open.

It is yet again an underworld saga with quite a few ruthless and inhumane anti-social elements running the show under a namesake but brilliant and highly connected leader.


One of the very few plus points of this ram (male sheep) tale is that of antagonists, brilliantly portrayed by the versatile Dhananjay that apart from the protagonist played by Shivanna who is naturally at his best as always.

No doubt, it is a treat for Shivanna fans for his khadak avatar as a cop who also comes with an added attraction - his most loved on-screen action weapon, the machete or long, as it is referred to in local rowdy's language. This time, he holds it in a different style, which is better to watch than to be explained!


With a new face as villain in action and Shivanna on a ‘long’ hunt, there is a different story cooking up in the beginning, middle and in between the climax! More confusions even as several characters keep getting introduced every now and then, making it hard, harder and hardest to stay on with it right till the end.

While a drug addict played by the beautiful Manvitha Harish is being taken care of and driven around with a couple of songs, there is Dolly (Dhananjay) and his partner Chitte (Vashista) going on a rampage killing men at ease. Meanwhile, there is a cockroach problem too. It’s killing everywhere amidst innocents being the targets before the hunters starts getting hunted.


Despite being technically brilliant, Suri falters at delivering what is most essential in a tale of this nature - a gripping thriller. Go watch it for Shivanna and Dhananjay, a deadly combination who make most of the killing in the end. Hope the sequel to Tagaru, which is already announced, does not make the audience wait right till the end for a 'reel’ sense.