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Nambiar movie review: A film with a good message

Deccan Chronicle| Anupama Subramanian

Published on: August 22, 2016 | Updated on: August 22, 2016

No doubt, the script by Ganeshaa is a bit experimental in nature and there's also a good message in the movie.

A still from the movie 'Nambiar'.

A still from the movie 'Nambiar'.

Director: Ganeshaa

Cast: Srikanth, Santhanam, Sunaina, Jayaprakash

With Nambiar, actor Srikanth has taken the producer avatar. And here, the titular role is played not by the hero, but interestingly, the film has been titled after comedian Santhanam’s character.

Ramachandran (Srikanth) who aspires to become an IAS officer is a normal individual with a mix of positive and negative thoughts. But what’s quirky in this script is that Srikanth’s negative thought is given a physical identity in the form of Nambiar (Santhanam). Whenever Ramachandran takes a progressive step, Nambiar pulls him down with his negative activities. Nambiar creates havoc in Ramachandran’s love life when he falls for Saroja Devi (Sunaina) as well as at his household thus making the latter’s life miserable. How Ramachandran comes out of these problems and wins over his negative thinking and fulfills his dad’s vision forms the rest.

Srikanth is simply superb as a man caught between good and evil thoughts. Santhanam’s comedy and one-liners are to some extent relevant and raises few laughs. But, both are too talkative, which stops being entertaining after a point. Sunaina is back after a hiatus and she looks pretty and has also acted well.  John Vijay, Jayaprakash, Subbu Panchu, Delhi Ganesh and Devadarshini lend their support.

Two songs from the album by Vijay Antony are already a hit, other numbers are average and background score is just functional. MS Prabhu’s camera goes well with the mood of the film.  Vandana Srikanth’s costume designing is substantial and care has been taken that each T. shirt sported by Srikanth and Santhanam and their typography aids the core theme of the film  

No doubt, the script by Ganeshaa is a bit experimental in nature and there’s also a good message in the movie. But, it is during its presentation where he errs. Had he concentrated on a taut screenplay and reduced the length by editing few clichéd portions, the film would have turned out to be more adorable!

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