Raju Kannada Medium movie review: Raju bags yet another rank

Go explore yourself in the quest for some fun, love and happiness stuffed with hard realities and fall in love with life.

Director: Naresh Kumar

Cast: Gurunandan, Kiccha Sudeep, Avantika Shetty, Ashika Ranganath, Angelina Desedina, Sadhu Kokila

After scoring excellent marks with his previous venture ‘First Rank Raju’, focusing on the effects of our educational system on the young minds, the popular character of Raju returns with a philosophical question on life.

While the humorous touch tickled with the right amount of double entendre made Raju secure first rank at the box office, the second outing is nearly as good as the ranking venture. Director Naresh has dealt with the core subject on life through the journey of an ordinary boy who migrates from a remote village with his education being in Kannada medium and lands in Bengaluru. Fortunately, he doesn't end up in bad company unlike the majority of such characters in the recent past in Sandalwood's history.

So, what is this ultimate thing most important in one's life to stay happy and be at peace? Is it the first-ever crush, the family, friendship, education, job, love or money - the usual suspects when in search of happiness? Here, the answer lies in the crux wherein the storyline seems to have held onto what the director intends to entertainingly communicate.

There is hardly anything to complain with regard to making as it captures the serene beauty of nature in the first part of the innocent phase. When Raju turns 16, he seeks answer to a question treasured by his father. In the quest for the most important thing in life, he encounters hard realities which makes him change his mind until the end.

In fact, it is the first half which runs quick to the point unlike the rest which is a bit of time-consuming affair. It treads on the path explaining the philosophy with Kiccha Sudeep portraying a catalyst character, instilling faith in Raju. Gurunandan, who continues the subtle and innocent mannerisms of Raju from the rank venture, is the main attraction.

If not for the ‘hard to digest’ plot of a blond girl, living all alone on a deserted island since her childhood, and the emotional part of it involving the protagonist, it sails smooth. Ashika leaves a beautiful impression, and Avantika is impressive. And, the fans of Kiccha Sudeep will simply love his short and meaningful avatar as a inspiring businessman.

With the right medium of entertainment, Raju leaves everyone falling in love with life. Go explore yourself in quest for some fun, love and happiness stuffed with hard realities.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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