Upendra Matte Baa movie review: A return from 'hell'

Anyone who could survive this onslaught deserves an award and an appreciation letter emailed right from hell.

Director: Arun Loknath

Cast: Upendra, Prema, Shruthi Hariharan, Sadhu Kokila, Avinash, Vashista, Karisubbu, Shobraj

Going by the trend of Kannada movies releasing for the past several weeks, there seems to be a tough competition going on for the title of ‘worst and unbearable movie in 2017’. And, this one easily breaks into the top three positions and has all the elements, giving tough fight for the worst title.

The comeback journey, is a remake of a Telugu movie comprising of all the disastrous components with great influence to make the audience book a ticket straight to hell, to never return again!

At times, making remake movies is a far greater challenge than an original one, which is why some of them are considered no less than a classic film for its huge success and popularity. However, a majority of them are a senseless piece of junk and 'Upendra Matte Baa' is no exception to it.

This painstaking tale starts moving with a digital snake biting a man to death with such force that not even an Olympic gold medalist could jump to such distance. Then comes the hell part, where the protagonist's soul is sent back to earth, for a purpose.

Like all the filmy ‘souls’ returning to earth, this one too is seen and heard by a person or two. Here, it is only the wife of late Upendra Raju, portrayed by Prema, who can hear and see her late husband who is back from hell. Thinking about whether she can physically touch the soul of her late husband, the answer is in negative! If this is not enough to break one’s head, then watch the rest of the snake-biting tale, in which staying awake becomes a challenge.

There are some important points to mention here: The soul's son is facing a personal crisis with his wife, who is adamant on seeking divorce for giving no time to her. He is a top-most cardiologist in the U.S. They both return to the village before the soul arrives to convince the Premamma on the divorce issue! The couple have had only three intimate encounters since their marriage. Half the tale is webbed around to make it happen for the fourth time. They kill the baddies, the snake and so on before hell breaks upon at the end! Anyone who could survive this onslaught deserves an award and an appreciation letter emailed right from hell.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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