Machine movie review: Stale cocktail of Abbas-Mustan's thrillers

It is not a film, but an epic fail in every possible manner, not only horribly executed but also funnily narrated.

Cast: Mustafa, Kiara Advani, Dalip Tahil, Ronit Roy

Director: Abbas-Mustan

In 2017, what should one expect from a thriller film, beautiful locations, remixed music, lots of explicit content and no logic at all. That's what directors Abbas-Mustan's Machine is all about.

Ransh (Mustafa) incidentally meets Sarah (Kiara Advani) on the road and falls in love (that typical love at first sight in slow motion). Ransh impresses Sarah and proposes her for marriage. The two get married and soon after Ransh kills Sarah (predictable interval point). Why did Ransh kill Sarah? This is what Machine is all about.

Machine is not a film, it is an epic fail in every possible manner. Director duo Abbas-Mustan purely wanted to launch Mustafa in the bad world of filmdom as they tried too hard to do that but failed to create magic. Slow motion entry on a bike, wooing bikini girls on the beach and cheesy romantic dialogues, they made Mustafa to do all this, but to no avail. (gasp)!

Their earlier films have redefined the thriller genre, be it Khiladi, Baazigar, Ajnabee, Humraaz or Race, but in the past few years, the genre has gone to the rats. Perhaps this was the reason that they switched to comedy in their last outing Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. So now they thought to launch their big golden ticket Mustafa on the big screen with a semi-known drop-dead gorgeous Kiara Advani. Also, they recreated (ruined) melodious soundtracks, Chatur Naar, Aakhir Tumhe Aana Hai and Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast to save the film but it was of no use. (laughs) Machine is a bit of Khiladi and a pinch of Baazigar.

Mustafa has a decent toned body, fair dialogue deliveries, bearable dance moves, but when the script is too bad then saving a film like Machine for a newcomer is a big task. So what if this is his own home production? "Tumhare hoton ki lipstick zaroor kharab karunga par aankhon ka kajal nahin", (most cheesiest romantic line ever heard), this new boy has nailed it (sarcasm). With every passing film, Kiara proves that she is just a beautiful girl running around trees. Machine gives her an official stamp too. A good actor like Ronit Roy is so melodramatic that he will leave you in splits when he dies (spoiler). Dalip Tahil and Johnny Lever are just hanging in between somewhere, they come and go! Supporting star cast is awful to death. The funniest thing is that they have shot a full length romantic song with a new face (character name- Aditya), who woos Kiara, dies and comes back as his twin brother Raj who saved Kiara when Ransh kills her. What a twist in 2017! (spoiler)

Well, Machine is not only horribly executed but also funnily narrated. Enter the theatre at your own risk. We don't recommend you Machine even for a single watch this weekend, instead shell out money for Rajkummar Rao's stellar performance in Trapped.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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