Aayushmanbhava movie review: This one lacks the \'soul\'

Gurukiran who marks his 100th venture as composer leaves no \'memorable\' notes.

Director: P Vasu

Cast: Shivarajkumar, Anant Nag, Rachitha Ram, Suhasini, Ramesh Bhat, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayna Raghu, Avinash, Nidhi Subbaiah & others

Ever since P Vasu delivered Aapthamithra, one of the biggest hits in sandalwood, it was his onscreen 'souls' or the elements of suspense which earned him immense appreciation from the audience. Even in Drushya, it was the well wrapped suspense thriller which resulted in huge success. However, his latest, Aayushmanbhava lacks both - soul and as well the elements of a great suspense thriller.

It is all about psychosis, an element which is done to death in the film industry. The only difference to it, is the musical therapy, the maker offers in the script, as the rest is a huge disappointment.

There have been countless movie characters which suffered from some or the other phobias. Here, it is pyrophobia, which is fear of fire. The female protagonist had had a traumatic experience of witnessing her parents death in a fire mishap on train. It is the core subject of Aayushmanbhava, and how she is healed is remainder of this ordinary saga.

Like most of P Vasu's film, this one too has a cast full of a happy family. But, not everything is as it seems because - 'Ili ondu samasye ide', the famous line from Aapthamithra, meaning that in here, there is a problem! The issue here is the granddaughter, who suffers from psychiatric disorder!

Shivarajkumar is the only good thing in this whole traumatic experience, who gives his best as usual in elevating even an ordinary script. Gurukiran who marks his 100th venture as composer leaves no 'memorable' notes.

The two most talked-about sequences, the one relating to tiger chase and the underwater fight scene is a big let down for having poorly choreographed. Watch this if you are a huge fan of Shivanna for his honest portrayal as Krishna, and also as to why the most expected from Vasu fails to entertain with no good suspense or his trademark 'soul' in it.

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