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Bharjari movie review: A 'tremendous' stale tale

Deccan Chronicle| SHASHIPRASAD S.M.

Published on: September 16, 2017 | Updated on: September 16, 2017

The director has carefully penned every word to give it a 'blockbuster' feel.

Still from the film

Still from the film

Director: Chethan Kumar

Cast: Dhruva Sarja, Rachitha Ram, Hariprriya, Thara, Srinivasamurthy, Sumithra, Avinash, Vaishali Deepak, Uday, Anil

Bharjari meaning tremendous was touted as one of the most expected films to release this year for the simple reason that both the actor Dhruva Sarja and director Chethan Kumar took almost three years to make this 'exclusive' project. In the end, the director has just managed to churn the basics commercial elements of the actor's first two movies including the one he himself had directed it along with drawing inspiration from another commercial hit film, to make into a stale tale.

Insofar as the actor is concerned, his body buildup show continues even in this one, and all he does is to repeat his 'signature style' fight scenes, delivering lengthy punch dialogues in single breaths. He also dances to the worn out tunes scored by V. Harikrishna.

The first course of this stale dish is a typical mash-up of the actor's previous two ventures garnished with new heroines, a few cut-copy-paste job and some twist in the making of the tale. For instance, the hero makes a flying entry jumping from high-rise buildings to another, which can easily beat even the popular DC comics character such as Superman and tons of Marvel comics characters. Full of self-aggrandisement, the hero boosts punching dialogues saying that he has reached the top so that he can keep a watch on all from up above and not for people to look 'up' to him.

The director has carefully penned every word to give it a 'blockbuster' feel. His direction is as good the music and background score. After the flying entry, punching down at least a hundred junior fighters, the past reveals that he is being brought up another woman. As a child, he wanted to become a soldier, and then after watching a film, he changed his mind to become a doctor, then a farmer and finally wants to become a father! Now, that's an innovative thinking and the script definitely deserves an award for fatherly thinking.

The tone of the breathless dialogues remains the same even when the hero shouts at villains and when expressing his love for his lady. These days even Sadhu Kokila has started boring with his monotonous comic mannerisms. However, the only beautiful twist is Hariprriya's entry despite having a limited role to play apart from getting engaged and later perform a drunk scene and then keeping a watch on her fiance'. However, all of this in this second half.

Earlier when the hero decides to become a father, he has his own set of ridiculous conditions including the girl not to have any dimples on her cheeks! But he accidentally falls for a girl with dimples on her cheeks. And, the saga continues before the location shifts to a faraway village where there is enmity going between two families - named after wild animals Tiger and another as Lion. Eventually, the hero is revealed to be the grandson of one of the families, who the father was killed by another wild family. The actor Uday and Anil who died during the shooting of Masthigudi film, also feature in this playing the villains. In between, the hero had even passed an exam and surprisingly got selected to the Army!

The hero finally ends up with the patchy work binding the two families, and that is all about Bharjari, which is a stale tale of self-aggrandisement.

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