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Pandigai movie review: Kreshna once again proves he's an actor of substance

Published Jul 15, 2017, 7:52 pm IST
Updated Jul 15, 2017, 7:52 pm IST
The film stars Kreshna, Anandhi, Saravanan, Madhusiidhanan and Nitin Sathya in the lead roles.
A still from the film.
 A still from the film.

Director: Feroz

Cast: Kreshna, Anandhi, Saravanan, Madhusiidhanan, Nitin Sathya


Some films capture your attention and raises anticipation even while their teasers and trailers are released. Debutant director Feroz’s flick Pandigai, bankrolled by his actress turned producer Vijayalakshmi is one such movie. And Pandigai has certainly lived up to the huge expectations and pre release hype it has created.

Velu (Kreshna) who works in a star hotel is orphaned at a young age and he grows up in a violent manner. His aim is to go abroad for better prospects. For that he needs money.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Muni (Saravanan) who owns a provision shop. He is a compulsive gambler who has lost his wealth including his house by betting on a cricket match. A chance watch by Muni on Velu’s fighting abilities at a local bar lands the latter in the world of illegal street fighting in the city. The underground fighting competitions, referred to as ‘Pandigai’, are controlled by a powerful don Natwar Dada (Madhusoodhanan) and his underlings. Though Velu was initially hesitant, he agrees to fight so that he can make money to go abroad.

Velu starts winning a few initial matches and the duo makes decent money.

To regain his lost house, Muni hatches a plan to make huge money and accordingly tells Velu to fight a final match where he would purposely lose to the champ fighter Victor (Arjai) during their clash. Muni pledges his shop to a loan shark Feeling Suresh (Aruldoss) to bet on the opponent Victor (as plotted).   When things seem to work as per their plan, something goes wrong and eventually Velu wins the contest. And when they realize that it was Natwar Dada who was behind the foul play, they decide to loot the money with the help of Munthiri Settu (Nitin Sathya), a close aide of Dada.

A major success of the movie is Feroz’s’s well-etched characters and apt casting. The dialogues are simple, yet effective. 

Given a chance and a solid character, Kreshna once again proves that he is an actor of substance. The actor has really worked hard to fit into the role, which shows while he preforms energetically in brilliantly choreographed stunt sequences. Kudos to stunt master duo Anbariv for their fresh, raw and believable fights. It is Kreshna’s best ever in his career. The romantic portions of Kavya played by Anandhi and Velu are underwhelming and do not gel with the otherwise racy proceedings. Veteran Saravanan has given a neat performance. Black Pandi is passable.

Others like Madhusoodhanan, Aruldoss and Nithin Sathya (with his eccentric looks), Karunaas, Arjay, and Shanmugarajan lend their support.

Right from the first scene, Feroz keeps us hooked to our seats with the story moving at a rapid pace with interesting twists and turns and culminating with a stunning interval block. The second half turns into a heist thriller. 

On the technical front Arvi’s unusual camera angles and lighting and RH Vikram’s background score are the biggest pluses for the film. Barring few minor flaws, Pandigai is an engaging slick thriller worth a watch!