Style King movie review: 'Doubly' typical

Aimed at commercial entertainment Style King' is watchable, despite being typical.

Director: P C Shekar
Cast: Ganesh, Remya Nambeesan, Rangayana Raghu, Sundar Raj, Sadhu Kokila

When double roles started making their way into Indian films, it initially revolved around two identical brothers or sisters getting separated in a crowded fare, and gradually changed to villains kidnapping one of them to bring them up as goons while the other grows up to become a police officer. As legend has it, one grows up under bad influence and the other treads the right path.

The director of ‘Style King’, has stuck to the old fashioned formula by introducing Ganesh in a typical double avatar.

After watching the film, one might ponder over the title as there is hardly anything stylish about the lead characters. The double roles are separated by their moustaches - one with properly grown facial hair and the other which is the actor's typical getup.

In an attempt to make it 'double the fun' for the audience, especially for the Ganesh fans the director has chosen both action and as well as comedy. A small time criminal makes away with a bag filled with cocaine worth crores of rupees. The story takes off when the worried drug mafia starts tracking the bag. Whereas, the good side of the double role, an aspiring police sub-inspector, is having a good time with his sweet heart who is none other than the daughter of his father's long time friend, living in the same neighbourhood.

Following the rule book of typical double role ventures, the director puts in a chase in between the songs, adds in a fight sequence that leads to the mix-ups. Will the good person end up becoming a police officer, and will the bad one be brought to justice? Or is there is another twist to this 'tail'.

Even in this film, the police maintain their timing -arrive right after the final decisive fight. Aimed at commercial entertainment ‘Style King’ is watchable, despite being typical.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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