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Ala Ninnu Cheri movie review: A Heartwarming Romantic Comedy

Deccan Chronicle.| Bhavana Sharma

Published on: November 13, 2023 | Updated on: November 13, 2023
The film is winning hearts for its story

The film is winning hearts for its story

Ganesh (Dinesh Tej) appears as a carefree youth, yet harbors a profound passion for filmmaking. When Divya (Payal Radhakrishna), the daughter of the affluent and arrogant Kanchu Kanakamma (Jhansi), enters his life, it triggers a transformative journey. However, Divya's intent to marry Ganesh faces staunch opposition from her elitist mother, who orchestrates her union with Kali (Shatru), the less-than-worthy brother-in-law. An unexpected twist surfaces with the arrival of Anu (Hebba Patel), altering the dynamics of the Ganesh-Divya duo and raising questions about Anu's intentions.


Dinesh Tej impresses with his relatable boy-next-door persona, seamlessly transitioning from emotional scenes to action sequences. Payal Radhakrishna shines in the first half, while Hebba Patel claims the spotlight in the latter part, balancing homeliness and boldness. The supporting cast, including 'Rangasthalam' Mahesh, comedian Basha, Jhansi, Kalpalatha, and Shatru, deliver commendable performances.


Ala Ninnu Cheri taps into the universal theme of love, adeptly exploring the conflict between love and career. Set in a pre-digital era, the film adeptly captures the bygone times when technology and social media were nonexistent. The second half stands out for its central message, featuring strong and thought-provoking dialogues, complemented by heart-touching scenes. The cinematography and background score contribute positively, but the film's lengthy duration could have benefited from tighter editing. Overall, the production values remain commendable, and the film successfully navigates the delicate balance between love and career.

Rating: 3

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