Miga miga Avasaram review: Well-intentioned film with message

The writing could have been better and the length of the movie also plays spoilsport.

Direction: Suresh Kamatch

Cast: Sri Priyanka, Seeman, Harish, Muthuraman

Tamil filmmakers previously have touched upon the subject of the predicament of policewomen and their workplace struggles. This one from producer turned filmmaker Suresh Kamatchi is slightly different. It addresses the issues of a women cop who is posted at a bridge in the burning sun to play vigil throughout the day but badly has to control her bodily urges –nature’s call. Suresh conveys the message of the need for humanity.

Saamandhi (Sri Priyanka), a lady cop is stationed on the middle of a bridge as a guard to a VIP, a Sri Lankan leader who comes to visit a temple down south. After drinking a big bottle of water, trouble starts for Saamandhi. She badly wants to attend nature’s call. However, her superior officer (Muthuraman) who has his own agenda is in no mood to heed to her request of relieving her even for few minutes so that she could go to a public restroom at the end of the bridge.

Meanwhile, through a few scenes, we are told how Saamandhi is a committed cop despite her family problems. The rest is about how the cop suffers each time a water truck goes past her, leaking all the way and combined with a nearby child urinating on the road makes her situation unbearable. The film ends with ‘nature’ coming to her rescue!

Sri Priyanka, the lifeline of the film has given an effortless performance. As a low-ranked cop who is helpless, she brings out the harrowing experiences she faces naturally. All others including Muthuraman, Seeman in a cameo and Harish as Saamandhi’s lover are adequate. Balabharani’s cinematography is good.

The writing could have been better and the length of the movie also plays spoilsport. Nevertheless, MMA is a well-intentioned film with a message. These small glitches can be overlooked.

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