College Kumar movie review: Secures minimum pass marks

The film stars Ravi Shankar, Vicky Varun, Shruthi, Samyuktha Hegde, Sadhu Kokila, Honnavalli Krishna and Dingri Nagaraj in the lead roles.

Director: Hari Santhosh

Cast: Ravi Shankar, Vicky Varun, Shruthi, Samyuktha Hegde, Sadhu Kokila, Honnavalli Krishna, Dingri Nagaraj

After a series of ‘mind blowing’ (literally) movies for the past few weeks, at last there is some respite for the Kannada movie audience. Though College Kumar does a 'study’ job, it barely manages to score the minimum passing marks. However, without an iota of doubt it is certainly a bearable movie which has some true emotional moments to watch out for.

On the outset, the crux of the story has nothing new but for the emotional makeover to it. In fact, the first half represents what the trailer of this movie is while drawing audience to the theatre. The burden of expectations on the young minds in respect of academics for bright future, is a sensible 'topic’ which the director attempts to pass with a distinction. Well, the results gives him a passing marks.

What does a ‘filmy’ father usually do when he is seen on the screen holding his newborn child? Well any decent dialogue writer would pen words like - 'ivanu doctor agtane, illa engineer agtane…’ meaning that the child will become a doctor or an engineer and so on. Here, in the case of Kumar, his father wants him to become an officer, an auditor, to prove his highly qualified rich friend wrong!

What follows next is the tale of a hardworking father, a peon, bringing up his only son with utmost discipline manner, restricting his mind around studies. When Kumar’s real avatar is finally revealed, the story takes a challenging twist. Can Kumar's father pass his son’s ultimate challenge while he bares all his responsibilities switching roles? Watch this if you are not busy with other academics.

Insofar as on-screen performances, Ravi Shankar walks the cake portraying the father whose ‘official dream’ is connected with his son. Vicky, who returns after ‘Kendasampige’ makes a good student and a son too. Whereas, Samyuktha Hegde who earlier tasted great success with 'Kirik Party’, is still under the influence of her previous student avatar.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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