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Teraa Surroor movie review: Love him, hate him but you can’t ignore Himesh Reshammiya

Published Mar 11, 2016, 5:02 pm IST
Updated Mar 11, 2016, 5:02 pm IST
Himesh Reshammiya returns as an actor.
 Himesh Reshammiya returns as an actor.

Director: Shawn Arranha

Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Naseeruddin Shah, Farah Karimaee

Love him or hate him but you cannot ignore him. Himesh Reshammiya has a way to win over his audience despite the acting part never been taken seriously. But that changed till the release of The Xpose (2014). The movie got audiences taking note of his acting capabilities, not to forget the massive fan following he already enjoys as a singer. In the past, many singers, thanks to their soaring popularity with their hit songs, have tried their luck in acting. But they failed to pull the audience inside the theatres. With Teraa Surroor, Himesh has now taken a small progressive step in acting. So what works with Teraa Surroor?

To start with, some of the songs used in the film are the archive super hit songs of the singer-turned-actor. Songs like Tera Suroor, Asalam Walekum, Tanhaiyan have been intelligently used in the montage that works for the film. Also, the production value looks rich with major portion of the film being shot in Dublin, Ireland. A standard that Himesh likes to maintain evident from his last release for making the film look a big budget film. Debutant director Shawn Arranha has used drones and those aerial shots make the film look stylish. The director has kept the pace of the film very fast with sleek editing that keeps you interested.

Coming to Himesh Reshammiya as an actor and a performer. Is he able to pull off the character of a gangster (Raghu)? This one scene when he tries to teach a foreigner a lesson who tried to insult an Indian is worth the mention. The dialogues, the execution and the background music just makes the entire scene look perfect. The actor looks lean flashing a great physique and had lost considerable amount of weight to play the character. From the writing point of view, his role his well sketched showing his background and circumstances, which made him what he is. However, in portions the story line felt weak and partially dragged which leads to losing interest in knowing Raghu’s journey.

What holds strong in the film is the interaction between Raghu and Robin (Naseeruddin Shah) which actually gets the film back on track. Naseeruddin’s role is short but pivotal and as always leaves a mark with his powerful performance. Newcomer Farah Karimaee does get good screen space in this ensemble cast as Raghu’s girlfriend. Monica Dogra’s role of a lawyer ( Elle) is not a strong one but she fills in for those in between portions. Kabir Bedi, with his strong mesmerizing voice and acting, does bring in a lot of value to the film.

The climax has a twist but that’s for you to find out. Raghu’s entire journey in the film is based on the hunt for this bad guy. Who is he? Go and find out in Tera Surror, which has made a genuine attempt for an out and out entertainer.



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