Motta Siva Ketta Siva movie review: Logic goes for a toss

The film stars Raghava Lawrence, Sathyaraj, Nikki Galrani, Kovai Sarala and Ashutosh Rana in the lead roles.

Director: Sai Ramani

Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Sathyaraj, Nikki Galrani, Kovai Sarala, Ashutosh Rana

Lawrence who gave the entertaining Muni series – Kanchana 1 and 2 – is back after a gap with a commercial pot-boiler Motta Siva Ketta Siva, remake of a Telugu film Pattas. After facing several financial hurdles, the film has finally hit the marquee. He has been credited with the prefix ‘Makkal Superstar (!!)’, even though he calls himself a huge fan of Rajinikanth who has had the sobriquet for many years.

There are police stories in Tamil cinema like Saami, Kakka Kakka, Vettayadu Vilayaadu and Singam franchisee, which have brought respect to the department. But the same cannot be said with MSKS.

The film begins with GK (Ashutosh Rana), a crooked and powerful local MP who along with his younger brother Sanjay (Vamsi Krishna) indulges in several illegal businesses and mafia activities. The police department including CoP Krubakaran (Sathyaraj) seems helpless. The scene shifts to a forest where our hero is ACP Siva (Lawrence) who saves a union minister (VTV Ganesh) from few extremists and the next moment he makes the minister to transfer him to the city. Once in Chennai, we see him as the corrupt policeman who goes hand in hand with all criminals, which also includes also GK, thus giving nightmares to Krubakaran and other higher officials in the department.

Meanwhile, an incident of a rape and murder involving Sanjay and his friends takes place and as usual Siva offers his help to GK to cover up the issue. But, when he realizes it was Nithya, a deaf and mute girl whom he accepts as his rakhi sister, all hell breaks loose. A flashback opens when it is shown that Siva is actually the son of Kribakaran and furious with the latter, he runs away from home after he thinks that it was his dad’s negligence that killed his mother and just born sister. Now, when Kribakaran tells Siva the actual circumstances that led him to leave, he has a change of heart. How he takes on the baddies by being a straightforward cop is the rest of the movie.

In an attempt to be faithful to the moniker given to him in the title, Lawrence has been projected as an over-the-top mass hero right from his intro scene, but it works to only some extent because of his screen presence. After a point, the proceedings are hackneyed with umpteen numbers of punch lines, gravity defying stunts and superficial bullet trotting scenes. Nikki Galrani with her liberal skin show provides the necessary oomph. Sathyaraj does a decent job, but the conflict between son and father is not convincing.

Raai Lakshmi appears in a dance number. Kovai Sarala as usual is loud. Ashtosh is the routine villain who doesn’t gel. Satish, Thambi Ramaiah and Vamsi are also there in an extended cameo. Logic goes for a toss at many places.

Songs by Amreesh are strictly meant for Lawrence’s dance moves and the latter also faithfully played to the galleries.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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