Prema Baraha movie review: War & love for a song!

Better to watch the video song of Prema Baraha till your heart's content than engage in this war.

Director: Arjun Sarja

Cast: Chandan, Aishwarya Arjun, Suhasini, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Prathap

There are some lovely songs, and there are some 'other' magically composed songs which never fail to bring smile and make one fall love with it. One such song is undoubtedly prema baraha... penned and composed by the genius Hamsalekha which is filmed on actors - Arjun Sarja and Sudharani. So, when Arjun Sarja decides to launch his daughter Aishwarya Arjun, the song returns with a purpose.

This one being the debut of pretty Aishwarya Arjun, she does manage quite well with her impeccable dancing skills. Turning a popular song into a title which is dearly connected to him, Arjun Sarja packs it with a love story in the times of war! Yes, a war - Kargil war.

Loaded with deadly ammunition such as love and patriotism, Prema Baraha is a classic case of missing targets by not an inch but by kilometers. It also sets new standards in ‘reel journalism’.

Two journalists working in two different news channels, are the focal point at which the tale revolves. Even before the war, it all starts on an usual silly plot of disliking each other and then the gradual attraction. In between the lady gets engaged. Well, if this gives an impression about the same old saga then wait for the war to start.

Set during Kargil war, the two head for war reporting like never seen before in Indian cinema. With 'brilliance’ of Chandan’s acting skills and his gym body at work, his character as a TV journalists is simply ‘unbelievable’. Literally!
Whereas, circumstances are tailored that the two are left with no option but to rely upon on each other for professional purpose. It soon takes a lovely twist. Again, right in the middle of war zone with all kinds of missiles being shot towards them by the enemies.

At times, filmmakers tend to go overboard when it comes to cinematic liberty. Like here, when our hero manages to unravel the criminal side of a politician, it is appreciated by none other a judge. To be more precise, a judge telephones a TV media chief and conveys his appreciation. Now, that's a straight hit with no chance of survival for a sane heart. Rest aside, the film is a long drawn which is hard to overcome its onslaught.

Unfortunately, the brilliant actor Arjun Sarja falls short in deploying the right force and making use of the right kind of ammunition for this kind of lovely mission. He simply misses the target but Aishwarya wins the hearts of many with her dancing performance. Better to watch the video song of Prema Baraha till your heart’s content than engage in this war.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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