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Kalakalappu 2 movie review: It’s a mindless comedy that’s watchable once

Published Feb 10, 2018, 8:05 pm IST
Updated Feb 10, 2018, 8:05 pm IST
Sundar C, the humor-specialist is clear about what he makes – a film with high comic elements sans the story.
Kalakalappu 2 movie poster.
 Kalakalappu 2 movie poster.

Director: Sundar C

Cast: Jiiva, Jai, Shiva, Catherine Tresa, Nikki Galrani, Yogi Babu


Sundar C, the humor-specialist is clear about what he makes – a film with high comic elements sans the story (and sometimes logic), colorful backdrops, glamorous heroines, peppy songs and his intension is just to entertain the audiences. And Kalakalappu 2 - though not a sequel to his earlier hit with the same name - just did that but with few big actors and a battalion of comedians.

After coming to know of his ancestral property from his sanyasi dad, Raghu (Jai) lands in Kasi to claim ownership of his estate in the holy city. He is lured by Seenu (Jiiva), a small-time fraud who convinces him to stay at his mansion which is used as a lodge and the latter agrees without knowing that it was the mansion that he has come in search of. Meanwhile, Raghu goes to the registrar office to find out his old documents where he meets Thasiladr Aishwarya (Nikki Galrani). Though she could trace the original document of Raghu’s property, she informs her friend Seenu and the reasons the former had come to Kasi.


Hema (Catherine Tresa), sister of Gopal (Satish, the prospective groom of Seenu’s sister) falls for Seenu and he also reciprocates. However, Seenu wants to stop Raghu until his sister gets married.

Then there’s a politician (Madhusudhana Rao) who manages to handover a laptop filled with his secrets of ill-gotten wealth to his auditor (Munishkanth) when there’s an IT raid at his house. The auditor who travels to Kasi has other plans- to blackmail the minister. Now enters Ganesh (Shiva), a petty thief who wants to con Aishwarya. Seenu and Raghu realize that it was the same Ganesh who cheated them of Rs. 5 lakhs on an earlier occasion. The rest is a madcap situational comedy and all is well towards the end.


Jiiva shines in a commercial role where he fights, dances and romances glamorous Catherine in colorful costumes for peppy numbers. His flair for comedy is evident. Jai is equally impressive in the given role. Shiva apparently is in full form and the movie peps up after his entry. The two heroines Nikki and Catherine add to glam quotient. Yogi Babu in a role resembling a controversial swamiji brings the roof down with his antics, although most of them are double entendres. Sundar relied heavily on the comedians including Satish, SingamPuli, Ramadoss, Mano Bala, VTV Ganesh, Santhanabharathy, Robo Shankar rather than the story, and they don’t disappoint either.


Senthilkumar’s camera captures the vibrant colors of Varanasi. Hip-Hop Adhi’s songs though scored to suit the mood of the whole movie, they are one too many and only adds to the length of the film. And there’s little variation in the picturisation as well. It’s a mindless comedy that’s watchable once!