Bruhaspati movie review: Time for total MANORANJAN!

Manoranjan excels in his ability as an actor and his dedication to take up new challenges.

Director: Nanda Kishore
Cast: Manoranjan, Saikumar, Sithara, Mishti Chakraborthy, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Prathap, Avinash and others
Rating: 3 stars

Despite its remake tag, this film by Nanda Kishore, a director who usually relies on build-ups and mix-masalas, is all about Manoranjan Ravichandran’s second outing at the box office after an impressive debut with Saheba. Riding high on expectations with a heavier titled Bruhaspati, Manoranjan excels in his ability as an actor and his dedication to take up new challenges, be it a physical transformation or delivering lengthy dialogues with a punch.

There is hardly anything altered in the subject, and the director does a clean reproduction of the original film with a few changes. That apart, it is not exaggerated or lavish in its spending on sets or foreign locations. For the benefit of the audience, who is unaware of the original film Velaiilla Pattadhari, Bruhaspati is a story about a qualified engineer who is adamant on taking up an engineering career though he faces personal humiliation at the hands of his father, who compares him to his younger brother who is very successful, and earning a big pay package.

Saikumar and Sithara essay the role of the protagonist’s parents splendidly, and the jobless tale takes a twist with the entry of a new neighbour. As expected, a family who has moved into the locality has a pretty girl/daughter, and the jobless hero develops feelings for her, and further accidental events makes him fall in love with her. The film turns serious when the mother departs rights before the interval.

Mishti Chakraborthy makes a pretty debut adding her charm to a beautiful phase in the storyline. Manoranjan scores high with his mannerisms at times reminding one of his star father Crazy Star Ravichandran. In fact, he has added features to his repertoire like dance and fight sequences too. While romance comes naturally to him, there is some scope for improvisation, and Manoranjan is sweating it out to make his star father, and his legendary grandfather, Veeraswamy proud. Irrespective of how well it fares at the box office, it is going to be a positive film for Manoranjan and a better platform for the third time in a row. Overall, it’s decent family entertainment.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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