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Kavi Udheshichathu movie review: Watch it for village nostalgia

Published Oct 9, 2016, 12:56 am IST
Updated Oct 9, 2016, 12:58 am IST
The story takes place in a village called Allimoola, known for its volleyball craze.
Still from Kavi Udheshichathu
 Still from Kavi Udheshichathu

Cast: Asif Ali, Biju Menon, Narain, Anju Kurian, Lena, Balu Varghese, Sudhi Koppa,
Director: Thomas Liju Thomas

Romance, humour and sport are the three key ingredients of the Asif Ali starrer Kavi Udeshichathu, directed by Thomas Liju Thomas. The story takes place in a village called Allimoola, known for its volleyball craze. Obviously, Jimmy (character played by Asif Ali) and his friends are into this sport and have a team.


The other team is managed by Narein as Vattathil Bosco the antagonist. Jimmy is in love with Bosco’s sister Jasmine enacted by newbie Anju Kurian. At the same time, Bosco has an eye on Jimmy’s sister. Also, there is a police officer played by Saiju Kurup who is not in good terms with Jimmy. The movie revolves around Jimmy and Vattathil Bosco and their efforts to fulfill their love and Jimmy’s attempts to take revenge on the police officer.

The plot of Kavi Udeshichathu is hardly unique and it is not hard to guess the flow of events. However, the movie is not disappointing either. The cinematographer has taken a good effort to capture the beauty of the location. Also, the innocence of village life is told in a beautiful manner. However, the script fails in establishing the background of certain characters.


Asif Ali and his gang members — Balu Varghese, Abhishek and Sudhi Koppa — have done justice to their roles. At certain points, Asif turns a mass hero. However, one cannot be blamed if he or she wishes to see Asif in a different avatar in future, other than his usual easy-going youth role.

The movie has brought out the comic side of actor Narain, which is quite refreshing as we have not seen him in that genre before. Lena’s Gladis, an entrepreneur who comes riding a bullet, deserves praise. Anju Kurian appears in a small role, but does well. Biju Menon’s entry towards the middle of the film is the icing on the cake.


Looks like, Liju who took the popular short film Ramaniyechiyude Namathil, which has a gripping ‘snake attack part’, has used the same in this movie to keep the audience hooked. When it comes to music, there is a fast track and a melodious one to cater to all sorts of audience. Go for it, if you want to watch a family drama laced with humour.