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Movie review - Kalyana Vaibhogame: A whiff of fresh air

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Published on: March 6, 2016 | Updated on: March 8, 2016

The movie gives a heart-touching account on marriage and its values.

Poster of Kalyana Vaibhogame

Poster of Kalyana Vaibhogame

Cast: Naga Shourya, Malavika Nair, Raasi, Aishwarya, Pragathi, Raj Mudiraj and Mirchi Hemanth
Director: Nandini Reddy

Nandini Reddy, who debuted as a director with the successful Ala Moda-laindi, followed by the dud Jabardasth, is now back with Kalyana Vaibhogame that stars Naga Shourya and Malavika Nair in the lead roles. Damodara Prasad, who had produced Ala Modalaindi, joins Nandini for her third venture.

Shourya (Naga Shourya), an expert in gaming software programmer who wants to settle in the US, is under pressure from his parents to get married before his grandmother’s demise.

At 23, he is unsure about marriage, but he succumbs to pressure and his parents start looking for a girl. Meanwhile, Divya (Malavika), a medical student, too, is being forced by her parents to settle.

Being totally against marrying someone chosen by her parents, she looks for freedom and individuality. Both of them meet at their parent’s wishes and after initial dislike, they come up with a plan  to get married to satisfy their parents and part ways after a year. Post-wedding, they start living together, but as friends. Unknown to their parents, they apply for divorce. What happens to their life thereafter is dealt with in an interesting manner.

Looks like the director has learnt from her mistakes in her previous movie. Nandini comes up with a matured script for Kalyana Vaibhogame, which relates to the contemporary youth who think of marriage as a big burden.

Touching an emotional nerve and coming out with cute romantic scenes, the movie gives a heart-touching account on marriage and its values. The beauty of the movie is that the director tells the message in an entertaining way; you never feel bored.

The fight between the lead pair, friendship, family bonds etc., have been shown very beautifully. The movie completely belongs to Nandini Reddy and is sure to give her career a boost. The music and dialogues supported the story very well and with the natural performances by all the actors, the movie is worth watching.

The lead pair Naga Shourya and Malavika Nair gave their best. Naga Shourya, with a proven track record, is simply superb and has acted naturally. Malavika, who made an impressive debut with Yevade Subramanyam, steals the show with her acting. A real talent, she completely looks natural in her second film. That she dubbed for her character too added to her performance.

Senior actress Raasi, who acted as Divya’s mother put up a dignified show. Director Raj Mudiraj made a promising debut as an actor playing Shourya’s father. Pragathi and Aishwarya were a bit of overdose, but evoke a few laughs. Anand as Malavika’s father too gave a decent performance.

Another highlight of the movie is the music by Kalyandi Koduri. The simple music blends with the story. The memorable, thought-provoking dialogues by Lakshmi Bhoopal and the cinematography need special mention.

Though a family subject, there are a few drawbacks too. The Thagubothu-Naga Shourya episode is a bit dragging and Shourya’s romance with an American girl is not interesting enough.

Altogether, Kalyana Vaibhogame is a clean family entertainer and a whiff of fresh air among the regular masala flicks.

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