Entertainment Movie Reviews 06 Oct 2022 A promising thriller

A promising thriller

Published Oct 6, 2022, 5:59 pm IST
Updated Oct 6, 2022, 5:59 pm IST
A poster of Behind Someone
 A poster of Behind Someone

A promising thriller

Film: Behind Someone
Cast: Raaj Suriya, Niviksha Naidu, Suman and Ajay
Director: Ajay Nali
Rating: 2.5

Behind Someone, starring Raaj Suriyan and Niviksha Naidu, is a crime thriller. Also starring Ravi Babu, Ajay, Suman and others, the film is directed by Ajay Nali and produced by Dr Sunil Kumar Sing Singavaram.

Story: A series of murders of young girls takes place in the city over a short span of time. Investigator Asish takes up the case and discovers that a gang of serial killers is behind the heinous murders. Asish zeroes in on the gang and tries his best to teach them a lesson. This is also when his lady love gets eliminated by the gang. With this, the investigation only gets intensified. The characters played by Ajay and Suman, too, are on their toes.

What eventually happens to the murderous and dangerous gang members? What does Asish do with them? How are Suman and Ajay connected with the murders? What does the key character played by Ravi Babu do about all this? Answers to these questions are the crux of 'Behind Someone'.

Director Ajay Nali takes up an exciting premise and thrilling plot points to narrate the story. Crime stories that are made thrilling by suspense and drama are always interesting to watch. Behind Someone achieves that to a large part. However, it loses steam midway. As the film progresses, there are several loose ends, which makes a huge difference.

Perhaps you may call it flawed execution or superficial writing or both, at times. To his credit, producer Dr Sunil Kumar Sing Singavaram ensures excellent production values.

Raaj Suriyan is effective, while Niviksha Naidu shows promise. Sahar Krishna plays a significant role. Ravi Babu surprises in a substantial role that is not predictable. Ajay's performance is superb in the scenes where he has to do the hunting. While Suman's role may not be full-fledged, it is thought-provoking and relevant.

Cinematographer Venkat Anem picks apt locations that befit the story and the mood of the film. Vijay Karuvkula's background score is in tune with the story; Crime stories need to get the BGM right but the film lacks that during key scenes.

Behind Someone is a timely film at a time when brutal atrocities have been visited upon girls. That way, this is a thought-provoking movie. If you are someone who expects freshness and tight elements, this is the film you need to watch. But the could have been a lot better had the director tightened the loose ends in the script.

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad


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