Kaathal-The Core Review: Mammootty, Jyothika deliver knock-out performances

Malayalam superstar Mammootty has delivered another terrific performance in his latest release ‘Kaathal-The Core’ and showcased his acting versatility. He plays a soft-spoken husband who has issues with his wife (Jyothika) and also contests Panchayat elections for a Leftist party.

More than his words, Mammootty scores with his innumerable and subtle expressions and conveys a gamut of emotions with consummate ease. He is equally matched by Tamil actress Jyothika Suriya, who is not on talking terms with her hubby but dutifully performs the daily chores of a housewife and takes care of her father-in-law too.

All hell breaks loose, when Jyothika’s divorce appeal comes up for hearing in the court, while Mammootty is in the midst of an election campaign and it further strains their relationship at home.

Mammootty has to tackle the backlash from the party leaders, who are worried about his poll prospects and he is unable to convince his wife to withdraw the case. He eventually lands up at the lawyer's house and begins to fight his case.

Now, the movie steps into a courtroom, where Mammootty and Jyothika go all out and expose each other as the case heats up. On the other hand, they also observe each other’s helplessness in talking about their marital relationship. The reasons behind her seeking divorce, while opponent lawyers dismiss them as allegations, wil be a spoiler if revealed. However, the irony is not lost out as two married and matured couples begin to know each other’s pain and anguish in a court room instead of their home.

However, Jyothika’s predicament of sharing the roof with a man with whom she lacks sexual intimacy gains her support and even law supports her argument. Helpless Mammootty reluctantly requests Jyothika to withdraw the case as it could affect his political chances and in a minute he understands her pain and both break down.

Finally, the court decides in favour of Jyothika when Mammotty’s father who has been silent for twenty years turns a witness against his own son. Him seeking apology from Mammotty for forcing him to get married and both cry their hearts out and leave audience in tears

Nonetheless, both go their own way and director Joe Baby ends the film with the words ‘Historic Victory’, suggesting Mammootty's victory in elections, but it has other connotations too. The filmmaker deserves kudos for dishing out a heart-touching movie with a bold subject.

Verdict: Kaathal The Core is a classy movie on a husband-wife story which touches on ‘grey areas’ in a cozy relationship.

Rating: 3.5/5

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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