Vidhi Madhi Ulta movie review: The momentum picks up in the latter part

Stories based on premonition themes are not common in Tamil cinema.

Director: Vijay Balaji

Cast: Rameez Raja, Janani Iyer, Daniel Balaji, Karunakaran

Stories based on premonition themes are not common in Tamil cinema. The latest one to arrive in the genre is 'Vidhi Madhi Ulta', which has finally hit the marquee after a long delay.

The movie starts interestingly where comedian Soori introduces various characters in the movie in a voice-over in the credit cards.

Adhi (Rameez Raja) is an easygoing guy who spends most of his time watching TV series and the rest in the company of friends. We are told in the intro that he aims to marry a girl of his choice.

One day he gets kidnapped by a group of people to whom his dad (Gnanasmabandham) owes money. Soon, his romantic interest Divya (Janani Iyer) a college student also gets abducted by another group of thugs who are the underlings of a gangster Danny (Daniel Balaji) on instructions from the latter’s brother. Meanwhile, there is this thief (Karunakaran) and his partner who have hidden their big booty in the same deserted godown where the couple is held. The lovers try to escape but get caught by the men and in the melee that follows, Danny’s brother is killed. When Danny comes to know of it, he is in no mood to listen and on a revenge spree on Adhi and Divya’s families.

And that is when Adhi wakes up and realizes that it was all in his dream. But, when things from the dream start happening in real life, how Adhi wins over destiny using his intellect forms the rest.

Rameez Raja’s second movie 'Darling 2' got released first and he was appreciated for his performance in it. Apparently, VMU being his debut-acting venture, the actor looks naïve and passes muster. Janani Iyer in a decent role is adequate. It is surprising to see Daniel Balaji in an insignificant role and his dialogue delivery was artificial. Karunakaran shakes his leg for a kutthu style number. Music by Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy was good. As a concept the film looks good on paper, but it is in the execution director Vijay Balaji errs. The first half is a bit dragging, while the momentum picks up in the latter part. The film can be enjoyed only in parts.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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