Sanam Teri Kasam movie review: Clich©, Telugu superstar Harshvardhan stands out

Though the movie is customary, performances by debutants Harshvardhan Rane and Mawra Hocane are commendable.

Directors: Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru

Cast: Harshvardhan Rane, Mawra Hocane, Manish Choudhary

Guess what? Another tragic love tale joins Bollywood’s list of so called love sagas. ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’ is a sheer portrayal of a predictable story, which is stretched like chewing gum. Directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, this 154-minute feature presentation is a yawn fest.

The film starts with a clichéd flashback - lawyer by profession, Inder Parihar (Harshvardhan Rane), who had an unfortunate past, tries to confuse the audience but surprisingly reveals the climax by showing a headstone of his dead ladylove Saraswati Parihar (Mawra Hocane).

Saraswati, librarian by profession, belongs to a typical south Indian family, who is constantly monitored by her authoritarian father (Manish Choudhary). She is modern but yet simple, the one who will lose virginity only after getting married to her man of dreams. Her desperation to find a groom leads her to meet her neighbour Inder, who is hot, drunkard with no aim in life. Saru seeks Inder’s help for her makeover. The two have an eventful journey thereafter.

Soon after, Saru comes back with a bang and grabs the attention of all the boys at her workplace. She is over the moon when her hunky colleague Abhimanyu Shastri proposes to her and agrees to marry her. However that love story is short-lived as Abhimanyu (expectedly), doesn’t turn up on the D-day.

Helpless and overwhelmed with grief, Saru disappears from the city. Hearing about this, Inder sets out on a new mission to sympathise with Saru and bring her happiness for as long as he is alive. The two meets again and guess what? The moment they confess love for each other, it is time to see the most expected ending. Saru is suffering from cancer and only a few days to live. With all the sacrifices he would have to make, Inder still marries Saru only to bid her goodbye.

What’s new? This is the question one will wonder in 2016 after watching ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’. There is a lot of crying along with plaintive shehnai especially towards the climax. Few portions of the film are a ‘Jab We Met’ and ‘Vivah’ rip-off. The film is little different since it has a weeping cop, kidding! Director duo Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, who directed films like ‘Lucky No Time For Love’ (2005) and ‘I love NY’ (2013), are still living in the era of melodramatic tragic love stories.

Supporting artists Murli Sharma and Sudesh Berry are noticeable. Special mention to the soulful music by Himesh Reshammiya that can be called as the film’s saving grace. Though the movie is customary, performances by debutants Harshvardhan Rane and Mawra Hocane are commendable.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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