PSV Garudavega movie review: Rajasekhar gets new lease of life with PSV Garudavega'

Finally, PSV Garudavega is an extraordinary action film with high production values.

Cast: Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Nasser, Adith, Ravi Varma, Charan and others
Director: Praveen Sattaru

Senior actor Rajasekhar makes a comeback with PSV Garudavega, directed by National Award winner Praveen Sattaru. The film has already been favourably reviewed by audiences. The USP of the movie is the excellent use of technology, which makes it appear like a Hollywood production. The story revolves around a cop — National Intelligence Agency officer Sekhar (Rajasekhar) — who is always quarrelling with his wife Swathi (Pooja Kumar). Sekhar’s car meets with a minor accident as it dashes against another car and a bike. This random incident provides key information about a murder investigation Sekhar is carrying out.

When he goes deep into the suspect’s personal information, Sekhar finds out that the biker who hit his car is a hacker (Adith Arun) and a gang is trying to kill him. Sekhar arrests the hacker when the latter tries to sell crucial data relating to a plutonium and nuclear technology scam that involves top politicians. This is the crux of the story. The director tries out a novel way to explain the nuclear technology scam and the involvement of top politicians and officials. The film seizes your attention from the very first scene. The only time it looked formulaic was during the special song sequence and a few comedy scenes.

Rajasekhar is very popular for his cop roles. It is good to see him staging a comeback in a cop film. He suits his officer character perfectly. After several failed comeback attempts, this one may actually revive his career. Pooja Kumar plays Sekhar’s wife perfectly, but the character is not designed well. Adit Arun as the hacker is simply superb. Ravi Varma and Charan as assistants to Rajasekhar provide the much needed drama in the action sequences. Posani once again excels in his role as a political leader. Kishore appears in a small role and Shraddha Das has done a cameo. Comedians Ali and Prudhvi try to get some laughs, but fail completely. Sunny Leone, who has a special song, sizzles as expected.

The other highlight of the movie is the cinematography. There are some high class and stunning visuals. The film has two music directors — Sricharan Pakala and Bheem’s Cecirollo. The dialogues, however, are average. There are many good action scenes, so the action choreographers are to be appreciated. Finally, PSV Garudavega is an extraordinary action film with high production values. You can definitely watch this path-breaking Telugu film.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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