Ee.Ma.Yau movie review: A class apart

The movie talks about a funeral and nobody is leaving without shedding a drop of tear or without a heavy heart.

Cast: Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod and Pauly Kannamaly
Director: Lijo Jose Pellissery

There is no reality as strong as death. Everything else is below it. The film Ee.Ma.Yau tells a tale that is as strong as death (or more than that). This dark fantasy is viscous at times, depressing and refreshing at same time, which leaves the audience awestruck. Following its state award triumph, the film Ee.Ma.Yau has been the much awaited movie of the year. Directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, the film proves it was worth waiting for. Lijo has set his standard high with hit movies like City of God, Amen and Angamaly Diaries. But Ee.Ma.Yau, is arguably one of the finest films in Mollywood in a very long time. The film talks about a funeral. It deals with grief and asks a question — how do you say goodbye to someone so close to you after his/her death?

Chemban Vinod, who plays the lead character Eeshi, has already been getting a lot of praises for his natural acting. But he just produced a masterful performance in this film. There is not even a single shot that leaves you in doubt of his acting talent. Such a mix of effortlessness and subtlety in acting really deserves a lot of credit. Vinayakan, who has been amusing everyone with his humongous transformation over the past few years, is at his best. Her plays the role of Ayyappan, the best friend of Eeshi. Throughout the film, he and Chemban Vinod are competing with themselves with brilliant on screen performances. Ayyappan is as good as his Ganga of Kammattipadam.

The other cast members including Pauly Kannamaly and Dileesh Pothan have also produced their best performances till date. Pauly’s performance is definitely over the top and nobody can disagree the fact that she deservedly won the state award. Lijo’s casting is absolutely spot on. You can’t blame yourself if you find it hard to decide who did it well in the movie. This movie’s backbone is its strong script and dialogues. The dialogues are as natural as you could relate to them yourself. P.F. Mathews was on top of his game when he wrote the script. The background score always played a pivotal role in movies. No difference in this one also. It is so powerful and dark that it increases the intensity of the film. After watching the funeral scene, the soulful sound of a clarinet won’t be the same whenever you hear it.

The ‘hero’ of all Lijo Jose Pellissery films is Lijo himself. “It’s a director’s movie”, that’s what you can call all his films. For all Malayalis who worship works of the likes of Kubrick, Tarantino, Scorsese and Anurag Kashyap, it is high time to add Lijo’s name to their list. One can easily part Malayalam industry and its history as before and after Ee.Ma.Yau, soon to be crowned as a touchstone for all. The movie talks about a funeral and nobody is leaving without shedding a drop of tear or without a heavy heart. With groundbreaking filmmaking, Lijo has set a standard that is not easy to conquer. Without a shadow of doubt, this has to be one of the finest dark movies that Malayalam cinema has ever seen.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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