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Pazhaya Vannarapettai movie review: Anhonest attempt for a debutante

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Published on: December 3, 2016 | Updated on: December 3, 2016

which is set in North Chennai, is based on real life incidents that took place in Mohan.

A still from the film.

A still from the film.


CAST: Prajin, Ashmitha, Nishanth, Richard, Karunas

Pazhaya Vannarapettai, which is set in North Chennai, is based on real life incidents that took place in Mohan’s (director of the film) life.

Police picks up five friends belonging to Vannarapettai who have just completed mechanical engineering. These lackeys are suspected of being involved in a case where two guys from a political party are attacked brutally.

Things get worse as one of the victims dies at the hospital and pressure mounts from higher-ups as well as the media. In an earlier interview to the media, the inspector had claimed that he is a terrorizing figure and that he always nabs the culprits within 21 hours. Since he could not get even single evidence in this case, and in a bid to save his face, he establishes this drama, although the cops knew that the boys are innocent. Meanwhile, each one share their back stories which includes a cool romantic episode of Karthik (Prajin) with Abhi (Ashmitha).

When the detainees raise their voices, the inspector releases them all except one. He tells them that he would release him if they find out the real culprit. Now Karthik (Parjin) takes the help of Dheena (Nishanth), a petty thief and an acquaintance at the police station and sets out in search of the killer.

Meanwhile, now enters the straightforward assistant commissioner Murthy (Richard) who takes charge of the case. How both Karthik and Murthy go in their own ways to pin down the criminal forms the rest, which is narrated in a gripping manner.

Prajin has given a neat performance and the new girl Ashmitha who resembles Reshmi Menon looks pretty and promising. Nishanth and Richard bring out their parts in a nice and refreshing manner. Karunas proves his versatility even though he appears in a cameo scene. Though director Mohan initially takes a while to establish the characters, he still manages to maintain a racy pace post interval. You could hardly catch a dull moment here. He takes us through the nooks and corners of North Madras with his live narration.

Cinematographer Farooq does a great job with his lighting and composition and brings alive the milieu of the movie. Music is functional.  An honest attempt from a debutant - definitely worth a watch! 

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