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Krishna Ghattam Movie Review: A Tale of Divine Inspiration and Moral Turmoil

Deccan Chronicle.| Bhavana Sharma

Published on: November 3, 2023 | Updated on: November 3, 2023
The film delves into multiple subplots, each rife with its own set of moral conundrums

The film delves into multiple subplots, each rife with its own set of moral conundrums

"Krishna Ghattam" is a cinematic gem that draws inspiration from the profound narratives of the Mahabharata, particularly the 16th Chapter, where Lord Krishna, the divine protector, abandons the people of Dwaraka due to their growing malevolence. This film, skillfully directed, takes audiences on a mesmerizing journey into a village where the boundaries between wisdom and intelligence are put to the test.

At its core, the story of "Krishna Ghattam" revolves around Prasad, a highly respected figure in the village and an actor. He is entrusted with the role of Lord Krishna in the mythological play, "Krishna Ghattam," echoing the timeless episode of Krishna's abandonment of Dwaraka. The character of Prasad becomes the linchpin of this narrative, as he grapples with the complexities of his role and the moral dilemmas that arise within his community.

The film delves into multiple subplots, each rife with its own set of moral conundrums. Rajesh, a privileged playboy in the village, becomes embroiled in a romantic pursuit of Ramaa, a simple slum dweller. The contrasting backgrounds and intentions of these characters create a tension that underscores the story's exploration of morality.

Sarat, son of the play's organizer, Hanumanthu, boasts of being an epitome of goodness. However, his conviction is put to the test when he encounters Latha, a prostitute with unwavering integrity. Their interaction serves as a thought-provoking examination of Sarat's beliefs and preconceptions.

As the lives of these diverse characters intertwine, the village is engulfed in turmoil, mirroring the chaos faced by Dwaraka in the Mahabharatha. In this backdrop, Prasad faces a critical choice - whether to follow in Lord Krishna's footsteps and abandon the village or take on the challenge of reforming it.

"Krishna Ghattam" captivates its audience by unraveling unexpected twists and tribulations in the lives of these villagers. The film seamlessly navigates between the divine inspiration of the Mahabharatha and the moral dilemmas faced by its characters, raising thought-provoking questions about wisdom and intelligence.

In this village saga, the audience is taken on a soul-stirring journey that transcends time and space, reminding us of the enduring relevance of these ancient narratives in contemporary cinema. "Krishna Ghattam" is a must-watch for those who seek a deeper understanding of morality and human nature, all within the backdrop of a compelling narrative inspired by timeless mythology.

Director Suresh Palla, who is also the producer of the film has done a great job in telling this beautiful story to the audiences. He has taken the inspiration from the Mahabharata and penned a beautiful story to the audiences. Lead actor Chaitanya, Vinay, Sasha Singh and Maya Nelluri have done a good job in their roles and everyone was a perfect choice to the roles.

The visuals by Surya Vinay and music by Peddapalli Rohit are amazing. The DOP has shown some amazing visuals and the background music added soul to it. On the whole, this film is a beautiful tale of lives, people, relationships and a lot more. Worth a watch this weekend.

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