Bazaar movie review: Birds & Blades

For its freshness and the birds, Bazaar makes it a worth watch.

Director: Simple Suni

Cast: Dhanveerrah, Aditi Prabhudeva, Sharath Lohitashwa, Sadhu Kokila and others.

Unlike the numerous ones from the past which focussed on 'rowdyism’ and how circumstances led many innocents to enter underworld, this one races high for particular reason! Apart from the essential machetes (more popular know as ‘longu’), Suni's Bazaar has pigeons!

Though sharp blades does a lot of killing on the screen, the birds take the centre stage which makes it look fresh and real on the screen. Also, considering the fact that it is a launching pad for another newcomer, Bazaar gives an edge to the makers for trying out something new and not sticking to the routine mix-masala commercial sagas.

As the race begins, it is about an orphan who as a boy wins over the heart of an established rowdy called Yajamana played by Sharath Lohitashwa, through his daring attitude towards life. The boy, who gets named as Kalki, grows up to become the right-hand man and more like a son to Yajamana.

Soon, one of the serious interests of Yajamana is revealed. It is his passion over ‘bird race competition’, for which he has own breeding centre and men to look after the birds. With some decent research over the bird race competitions and its history, the director has shot the sequences involving the pigeons in the real locations.

The race gets interesting when Kalki falls in love, to experience the pain of love failure! But, eventually the girl played by Aditi prabhudeva falls for him and Kalki is not ready to accept her. In between, there is another plot of rivalry between two gangs which ends up in the killing of Yajamana.

While the bird race and the sensibly insensible love plot fits the bill, the script gets overstretched at places which could have been avoided. But for its freshness and the birds, Bazaar makes it a worth watch.

The hard work of the debutant Dhanveerrah shows on the big screen. A little more polishing and experience could prove him a talent to watch out for. Aditi does it again with her charming performance and Sharath leaves his signature playing the loud character.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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