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Eleyearu Naavu Geleyaru movie review: Drama juniors on the senior screen

Published Jun 2, 2017, 8:42 pm IST
Updated Jun 2, 2017, 8:43 pm IST
This one is strictly for the minors and for those who have loved these small wonders perform on TV.
Still from the film.
 Still from the film.

Director: Vikram Soori

Cast: Achintya, Nihal, Puttaraju, Abhishek, Amogh, Mahendra, Tushar, Suraj, Mahathi, Tejaswini, Shankar Ashwath,


In Kannada there is a saying - "Makkalu enu madidru chanda", which translates to "any act of children is always a pleasant one." And, when a bunch of real talented ones come together, then expect some real drama as the tiny package of entertainment unwraps for some delightful experience. This one can easily win the hearts of minor audience. The tried and tested participants of recently concluded popular TV reality show for children make an impressive debut on the bigger screen.

While making use of the huge popularity of these tiny stars, the makers keep this as a simple affair with not much of an extreme adventure. Vikram Soori, who trained some of these tiny stars, introduces all the ten most popular participants from the reality show, to the best of their individual abilities for which they are known so far. Set in a village backdrop, the children are gearing up for school as the vacation comes to an end.


Every individual character has an uniqueness with certain characteristics. If one of the female child is fond of eating then another has a daring attitude. This one is strictly for the minors and for those who have loved these small wonders perform on TV.

Achintya is the star performer with his usual 'handsome' mannerism whereas the senior ones play their part well. In between, the director also attempts to spread the message about the values of life such as honesty, kindness, love, affection and zeal to achieve something in life including the essence of true friendship.


The plot is tiny too. The first half is almost filled with the introduction of each characters which reminds of drama juniors skits, some being serious and some

on a lighter note. Later, they are all selected for a play to be performed for a competition and they soon learn that one of the main lead played by the girl is suffering from blood cancer. Her father is helpless as he needs a lot of money to get her cured.

With a mission on their hand they do their best but it is the special talent of one of the boys finally comes to their rescue. It has all the usual masalas served in small portions apart from the simple storyline. Though not the greatest film for children but with drama junior contestants making their debut along with the simple and sensible making, this can make your tiny one happy.