Firangi movie review: Interesting premise let down by sloppy execution

The film stars Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, Inaamulhaq and others in the lead roles.

Director: Rajiv Dhingra

Cast: Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, Inaamulhaq and others

When stand up comedian Kapil Sharma marked his debut with Abbas Mustan's 'Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karun,' from audience to critics, the actor was panned in and out for his shoddy performance but with 'Firangi,' this isn't the case. Since he is also the producer of the film, he has taken himself a little seriously while performing. Kapil has emerged a competitive actor but for romance. He is awful at it on celluloid. Director Rajiev Dhingra, who also starts his Bollywood innings with this film, does a decent job in telling an interesting story set in pre-Independence India, but disappoints with his slow narrative.

Mangat aka Mangaa (Kapil Sharma), the only son and a pampered brat of his strict father, falls in love with Sargi (Ishita Dutt), a shy girl from an adjacent village. Both meet at Mangaa's best friend Hira's (Inaamulhaq) wedding and develop feelings for each other. Sargi's grandfather is an earnest disciple of Mahatma Gandhi.

Incidentally, British officer Denis appoints Mangat as his ordeal but Sargi's family isn't too happy with his decision to serve Britishers.

A ruthless king Rajasaa offers a secret deal to Denis to construct an illegal liquor factory on Sargi's homeland. How Mangat sets a plan to get back his true love Sargi and her village, is what Firangi is all about that.

Undoubtedly, Rajiev narrates an engaging story. However, he beautifully crafts the era and weaves purity in romance but forgets to chop the film adequately. The run-time of the film is 160 minutes which makes it a yawn fest. The film could have been crisper. First half is interesting, but the film loses out on its climax, which is unrealistic and funny. It is a royal mess of the highest order.

Kapil Sharma is not as bad as one would expect. Being a stand up comedian, he might surprise you in few of the scenes but he must learn how to romance. Slow motion and emoting feelings just don't suit him. He is good with comedy and must stick to it. Period!

Ishita Dutta, who was last seen in Drishyam does an average job. She is bearable on screen with barely there screen presence. Inaamulhaq is brilliant in his role. He is funny and noticeable, especially towards the climax of the film. Rest help bring the era alive, which is a sigh of relief in this long boring drama.

If you have enough time in your busy schedule, then watch Firangi, or else avoid and sit back at home with munchies and drinks to watch Lagaan instead.

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( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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