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Rogue movie review: Most senseless plot of the year

Published Apr 1, 2017, 6:46 pm IST
Updated Apr 1, 2017, 6:57 pm IST
It is unbearable right from the beginning with the most senseless plot.
Still from the film.
 Still from the film.

Director: Puri Jagganadh

Cast: Ishan, Thakur Anoop Singh, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki, Sadhu Kokila, Avinash


In the end even before the closing credits starts rolling, director Puri Jagganadh thanks the audience for watching his film Rogue. Let's assume, if the audience had any instant options to reply to his thanks, a majority would straight away reject it and curse him for having watched it in the first place. Further, there are even every possibility that most of the audience would have run away from the theater before the interval. And, yes they are saved from Puri's thanks too!

This 'Rogue' easily beats the worst film of the year so far by a huge margin. It is unbearable right from the beginning with the most senseless plot. Apart from the actor who looks good and does his best even under the bizarre circumstances, the film has all the right ingredients to torture the audience to the maximum level. The worst part is that it doesn't even allow the audience to take a nap, for all that constant sound effects.


It's the worst comeback for Puri Jagganadh. Apart from showing how a well built handsome man can use his stamina to acrobatically hold girls while romancing near the beach and a waterfall, and not to mention the introduction of hero hanging upside down and swinging, it is a complete nightmare.

The rubbish starts with some hot scenes and scratching the brain over 'world promise' day. Knowing his lover is being forced to get engaged, the handsome hunk barges through the ceremony. But his girl, daughter of city police commissioner, has already done an easy flip flop choosing the better option to marry an encounter specialist who has so far gunned down 99 culprits and waiting to score his century. In the tussle, the fiance shoots the Rogue and he miraculously misses it by an inch to his heart. He is eventually sent to jail for two years!


The entire film is set in Kolkata and Puri has completely turned it into a Kannada speaking land! Every person knows Kannada and they speak nothing but Kannada. The twist in this ridiculous tale is when 'Rogue' comes back after serving his sentence and is learnt that he has badly injured one of the police constables on the fateful engagement day. He heads to the constable family and decides to help them. They are in no mood take his help. He finds another Anjali, who is the sister of the injured constable who cannot move from his wheelchair.


The story, script and the making deserve some award under the categoryof how not to make a film and should also be included in the syllabus for students learning the art of filmmaking as a 'warning' lesson. The entry of psycho villain takes the torture to a new level. If you do not like someone and eagerly waiting to return their ill-favours, then buy a ticket for the person and make sure he watches Rogue.