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Yajamana movie review: It's a fan-tastic action thriller

Deccan Chronicle| SHASHIPRASAD S.M.

Published on: March 1, 2019 | Updated on: March 1, 2019

Darshan and Rashmika starrer 'Yajamana' is simply made to entertain the audiences.

A still from Yajamana featuring Darshan and Rashmika Mandanna

A still from Yajamana featuring Darshan and Rashmika Mandanna

Director: V. Harikrishna & P Kumar

Cast: Darshan, Devaraj, Rashmika Mandanna, Tanya Hope, Thakur Anoop Singh, Ravishankar, Dattanna, Sadhu Kokila, Dhananjay.

There are not only good and bad films, but there is also another popular category which at times is essential for the film industry to survive. They are simply called - fan-tastic films, the ones which are purely made to satisfy the tastes of die-hard fans of popular actors. Yajamana fits perfectly the above description, which is simply made to entertain his fans.

These one have no space for logic, sense and even gravitation. Even an ordinary punch by the hero can easily beat the hell out of most fierce and powerful person on Earth and beyond. It is always comes with a one man army against multiple bad guys.

Darshan, who is fondly referred to as challenging star shines in this typical action thriller composed, and directed by debutant V. Harikrishna along with Kumar.

Orbiting around Shivanandi played by Darshan, a small time local cooking oil brand owner takes upon a business tycoon. Set in a taluk centre where oil business is flourishing because of traditional methods of extracting cooking oil, and due to the local market which is guided by a set of principles governing the interest of both growers and owners.

Along with the oil, Yajamana is mixed well with a short love story, in which Rashmika as Kaveri is paired opposite Darshan and the rest of it garnished with comedy and loads of action in addition to challenging dialogues.

Also, there are couple of melodious numbers and a peppy songs to dance along with Harikrishna's signature tone and tune. While the Yajamana (2000) starring Vishnuvardhan was a classic family drama, high on emotions revolving around an elder brother who sacrifices everything for his younger ones, 2019’s Yajamana is a thorough Darshan's action show all the all way.

A Mumbai court in the film fully functions in Kannada, where lawyer and even the judge talks in Kannada! Despite several such discrepancies, Yajamana does what it intends to do - entertain challenging fans.

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