Honeymoon Express: A couple's attempt to make marriage work

Cast: Chaitanya Madadi, Hebah Patel, Suhasini Maniratnam, Tanikella Bharani, Ali and others.

Director: Bala Rajasekharuni

Plot: A recently married young couple are trying to battle the initial hiccups in the marriage. Unable to rekindle magic even after therapy from counsellors, the couple decide to seek help from an old couple, whom they meet on the road, leading to a strange, yet interesting journey.
The 1 hour 59 minute, Rom-com-fantasy is neither comic nor entertaining. However, the concept is quite unique.
In the brave attempt, the team fails to execute their vision. The comedy scenes in the movie, keeping aside a few, look forced. The graphics and the locations in the outing also fail to elevate the fantasy element.
However, all is not lost for there are some elections which works in favour of the movie. Some positives in the movie include the story-line and concept. But the makers somehow miss the plot and fail in their execution to take the movie to the next level. The lead actors in Honeymoon Express—Chaitanya Madadi (Eeshan) and Hebah Patel (Sonali) have impressed with their acting.
Another advantage that the team failed to capitalize is the limited set of characters and some good songs.
The first 20 minutes of the movie progresses at a slow pace, while the pre-climax and the climax, being out of the box attempts, could have been made more interesting.
There are some standalone scenes in the outing that are good. However, they are not enough to improve the overall experience of the movie.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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