Mohanlal grooves to Jawan's song, SRK thanks him

It looks like Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was blown away by a recent video of Malayalam cinema legend Mohanlal grooving to his song “Zinda Banda” from his last film “Jawan.” The energetic dance performance by Mohanlal at a Kochi award show quickly went viral, catching the eye of Khan himself.

Taking to his social media platform (X, formerly Twitter), Khan expressed his appreciation for Mohanlal’s performance in a heartwarming message. “Thank you Mohanlal Sir for making this song the most special for me now,” Khan wrote. “Wish I had done it half as good as you. Love you Sir and waiting for dinner at home as and when. You are the OG Zinda Banda!” (“OG” stands for “Original Gangster,” often used playfully to denote someone as the true master of something).

Mohanlal, known for his charismatic screen presence and impressive dance moves, didn’t disappoint. The video showcased his energetic performance, leaving fans and Khan himself thoroughly impressed. Khan’s playful request for a dinner invitation along with the exchange of compliments has won hearts online, creating a wholesome moment between the two superstars of Indian cinema.

Mohan Lal was seen in Telugu movies like 'Janatha Garage' and 'Manamantha' and showcased traces of his acting brilliance to Telugu audiences as well.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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