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Published Apr 30, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Apr 30, 2019, 12:01 am IST
Vishnu Unnikrishnan, who has come a long way from a child artiste to a bankable actor and successful screenwriter, gets candid on his journey.
A scene from Oru Yamandan Premakadha
 A scene from Oru Yamandan Premakadha

Sibi Malayil’s Ente Veedu Appuvinteyum was backed by a strong script and excellent performances. The movie also had a few superb performances from child artistes, who acted as the inmates of a juvenile home. Perhaps one of the most noticed performances came from Vishnu Unnikrishnan, who proved his mettle in many small and big roles that followed. His biggest surprise was when he co-wrote the blockbuster movie Amar Akbar Anthony along with his best friend Bibin George.

The movie became a turning point in their careers. Then,  they scripted Kattapanayile Rithwik Roshan, which also turned out to be Vishnu’s debut as lead. The movie became an instant hit and cemented Vishnu’s place in the industry. Later, he played important roles in Vikadakumaran, Nithyaharitha Nayakan, Shikkari Shambhu etc., all of which fared well at the box office. Vishnu is now enjoying the success of Oru Yamandan Premakadha, his third script with Bibin. And, Vishnu’s charcter Teny is getting excellent feedbacks from the audience.


Oru Yamandan Premakadha also marks Dulquer’s comeback to Mollywood after two years. “The thought itself gave us so much pressure and scare. Also, our first two movies went quite well and people had expectations. So, naturally we wanted this movie to turn out really well. People who saw it would have understood the reason behind the title. We were apprehensive about how people would receive the love story. We are glad that they are enjoying it,” says Vishnu.

He says that they had only Dulquer on their minds for the role of Lallu while they were writing. However, they were not sure whether the young actor would commit to the film. But, everything fell in place. “We started scripting the movie with Dulquer in mind. That’s when producer Anto chettan  visited me. During our conversation, he asked whether the script was suitable for Dulquer. We were very happy to hear that. The only condition was that Noufal ikka (B.C.Noufal) should direct the movie. Soon, we finished scripting and narrated the story to DQ. He liked the subject and the movie was on,” he adds.


The movie is also the duo’s tribute to their mentor B.C. Noufal. “Noufal ikka was the first person who asked us to write a script. But that project didn’t work out. We had decided that he would direct our next script, though we had many offers from other directors. The movie is now running successfully in theatres and the smile on his face is the greatest gift we can give to him.”

He affirms that Dulquer too is very happy with the success of the movie. “He called us from Italy. He  is very happy with the response for the movie and his character. Lallu is one of the most versatile characters in his career till now. People are able to relate to the character well as there is a ‘Lallu’ inside everyone. He is a nostalgic guy and has a lot of goodness in him.”


Perhaps, Vishnu’s character Teny was the most appreciated once in the movie after Lallu. He’s really touched by all the responses he is getting for Teny.

“Since Teny is visually challenged, I had to do some homework for the character. The mannerism and attitude of Teny is something I saw in our friends who are visually challenged. It’s a special feeling when our efforts for a character are paid off.”

 Vishnu will be next seen in Shafi’s Children’s Park, in which he’s playing Jerry, one of the three leads. The other leads are played by Sharafudheen and Dhruvan. “Jerry is one among those who have no commitment or responsibility towards his life, family or society.


The script is by Rafi sir. There are many who don’t understand parents’ love and their value in our lives. The three central characters represent that category. Shafi sir said about this movie during the shooting of Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha. I was so happy on hearing that and committed to the movie on the spot,” he quips. “To work with Shafi sir and Rafi sir together is like winning a lottery,” he adds.

He says that they haven’t started working on their next script. Currently, Bibin is busy with his new movie and they will start working on a new script on its completion. Their scripts always have many hilarious moments and thrilling elements in them. “We choose a thread after a lot of debates and arguments. We make the scene order once a common point is reached. Then we present it before a collective called Manassu, of which we are members. It has members from various walks of life. We get the first response from them and make changes in the script if necessary. All the members of Manassu have acted in Oru Yamandan Premakadha.”


Direction plans? “Many are asking about that. Since we are hearing that questiona lot, the thought of direction has come to our mind. But we aren’t planning anything.

Let it happen at the right time.” Beginning the career as a child artiste, Vishnu’s passion for acting still remains intense. “To act in at least one scene was considered as luck. Still I hear all scripts with the same excitement. However, I won’t be able to take up
all the roles that come my way.

So, I pick the ones which make me say ‘wow’. I don’t know whether I am being ‘choosy.’


Vishnu believes he can continue to entertain theaudience with his acting and scripts with Bibin. “We like to do many good films which will entertain audiences of all ages. Keep encouraging us like always,” he wraps up.