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I was thrown out: Amala Paul

Published Jun 28, 2019, 11:55 pm IST
Updated Jun 28, 2019, 11:55 pm IST
Amala Paul had been roped in as the lead heroine of VSP33.
Amala Paul
 Amala Paul

A Vijay Sethupathi movie, bankrolled by Esakki Durai of Chandaraa Arts, went on floors recently with debutant Venkata Krishna Roghanth, former assistant of director S.P. Jhananathan, directing it. Amala Paul had been roped in as the lead heroine of VSP33. However,  a few days ago, the production house stated that Megha Akash has replaced Amala as the latter had opted out citing an issue with dates.

Amala Paul has a totally different story to tell. She took to social media to put out a statement in which she has lashed out at the producer saying there’s no truth in what he claims and that she was thrown out of the project unceremoniously.


She said, “I was in Mumbai purchasing clothes and working on the styling for VSP33 bearing the cost of accommodation and travel all by myself as Chandra Arts always mewls of budget issues. And out of the blue I received a message from producer Rathienavelu Kumar that her demands and terms do not suit their project, so the team doesn’t want her in the film. I think he was referring to the demand for accommodation in Ooty (where a schedule was planned). No calls were made to discuss, and it was hastily decided that I would be thrown out”


She goes on to add,  “I was clueless and the only thing which struck me was that he took the decision after the release of the teaser from my upcoming film Aadai. It’s just a patriarchal, egoistic, traditional mindset of the producer that is revealed after Aadai’s teaser saw my image being tarnished.”

The teaser of Aadai released recently shocked viewers as Amala bares it all as she wakes up completely naked inside an office. The Mynaa actress says she is one person with a give-it-all attitude and strives to do justice to her roles and will continue to do so.


“It is disappointing that these pseudo cinema punters write off an actor’s emotional investment as though it means nothing, don’t even get me started on the physical and financial efforts that are put in by an actor right from the word ‘go’.

“The accusation has never been laid upon me during my decade long career by any of my colleagues, peers or acquaintances in the film fraternity,” she asserts.
The actress recalls her supporting nature with some of the production houses when such situations arose, as in Bhaskar Oru Rascalwhere she gave up part of her salary and never asked for it as she knew the film made  a loss.
 She went on to say that  Tamil cinema will get good movies only when the traditional, patriarchal production houses change their mindset. She signed off saying, “I have no intentions of harming Vijay Sethupathi and I am a huge fan and was excited to work with him and this statement was mainly to address the rumours spread by Chandaraa Productions about my unprofessional conduct.”


 When DC contacted Esakki Durai he still maintains it was because of an issue over dates that they changed the heroine. “I was out of station and just landed in Chennai when my team informed me about the issue.

Though it is not necessary that I react to whatever Amala Paul says, my production team told me that the dates we asked were clashing with another film of hers. She may call me unprofessional, but you can ask with other actors and technicians who work in my film how I deal with them. Also, why would I see Aadai teaser and drop her from the film? In fact it is her call to act in a bold film and we were appreciating that.”


Ask him about Amala’s reference to Rathienavelu Kumar sending her a text that they don’t want her in the film as her demands and terms do not suit their project, and he says, “That’s my co-producer. There’s a miscommunication that has happened here. I am scrutinising that.”