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No stunt too daring for him: Peter Hein

Published Feb 28, 2018, 12:06 am IST
Updated Feb 28, 2018, 12:06 am IST
Peter Hein
 Peter Hein

This man has gone through the pain of being burnt naked, breaking several bones and almost crushing his skull to give us all the amazing action stunts in our favourite movies. We are in conversation with National Award winning stunt choreographer Peter Hein, the man who makes the hero of the film look like a super human being. Watch the epic movie in question Resident Evil: The Final Chapter on March 3 at 1.30 PM on Sony PIX.

When it comes to action stunts in Hollywood and Bollywood, do you think we are up to the mark? If not then what improvements need to be done?
If you ask me about the comparison between Hollywood and Bollywood the main difference is the budget. Hollywood studios are quite capable to get their rehearsals and all the necessary equipment is made available well in advance for directors and action directors which makes the whole production process smooth.  These days, Bollywood is also strengthening its pre-production process, but it still needs more perfection in the process.

What was it like to be a stunt director on the most grand movie series of India - Baahubali? Are there any memorable instances that you can share from the sets?
We had a crew of 2,000 background artists on the sets and I could not possibly guide them on the mic, so every time I wanted to say ‘action’ I had to wave a huge flag and everybody had to do their part. The whole act of waving the flag felt like we were starting a war, which was one of the many memorable moments. In addition to this, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rajamouli as it was a great experience for me and I was inspired by his way of working. 

How was your experience working with the mega star Rajinikanth?
Rajini sir, I believe, is a man who can do it all and I have learnt so much from him on the sets, especially perfection and punctuality. If he is called on the sets at a certain time, he will be there at that time which most of us in our normal lives cannot do. Also, he is not like the other stars who would be in his vanity van because his shot is not on, he is someone who would like to know everything in detail and would love to observe carefully the stunts that are to be performed by him. He would never say no to an action stunt that I suggest him to as he relies on my judgment if he can do it or not. 

Having performed some of the most dangerous stunts with minimal precautions, what is it that has kept you going through the pain in all them?
Well as I told you before I am passionate and crazy about what I do, parts of which is also stupidity and anxiousness. I think that my love for action has been blind where I know that the stunts that I do are dangerous and most of the times I only have 50% of chance to come out of it safely, but I still tend to make the best of the 50 that I have. In my previous stunts, I have damaged 60% of my skull, broke my spinal cord twice, my shoulders dislocated times more than I can remember and my most dangerous accident has happened because of my carelessness where I broke 19 bones in one stunt.

After that I went back to work on a wheelchair because of love and passion for this field. I have also burned myself naked for a fire in a movie stunt in Mudhalvan because they did not have the time to do the special effects of fire on the body so someone had to do the stunt by being put on fire. I had also asked for a cold gel but since that was not available I did that stunt without any precaution was grievously injured. So these are some of the stupid things that I have done which I realise today out of love and passion.



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