Fluttering' shows they can change

Short film by students of Cheruvannur school ignites green message.

KOZHIKODE: Government Vocational Higher Secondary School, Cheruvannur, has produced a short film which reminds of the seeds of change students carry within and how big impact it can bring in on the society. 'Fluttering', the nine-minute film is based on the butterfly effect theory which proposes that the flapping of a butterfly's wings in one part of the world may ultimately contribute to a tornado.

It portrays an extremely polluted mother earth and how a student recognises her potential to bring about a change and her triumph. "We intend to convey that even a small step in the right direction is worth and it has the fire to multiple into a big movement," says A. Vishwapoornima, a teacher of the school who directed the film. It critically looks at the oath-taking ceremony on every Environment Day and how students do the exact opposite. It also sheds light on the healthy teacher-student relations where a teacher ignites the green message in the minds of the budding minds.

A slew of eco-activities bind them together and a student, the protagonist, goes through the transformation to bring about the change. "Rather than donning grease in a film, the script had brought in us the importance of nature conservation," beams Shahla Sherin, the class 10 girl, who played the protagonist. Alha P.V, Jefla, Nafih, Mohammed, Huda, Vammitha, Anaswara, Swarag, Swaroop, Sinan, Shihad, Rinshin, Arya and Irfana are the students who appear on the screen. Produced by 'Poompatta' nature club of the school, film director Jayaraj released the short film.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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